Friday, April 09, 2010

Review: Lip Service by Susan Mallery

First line: "I'd like you to marry my daughter."

From the back cover: Skye Titan's wealthy father thinks he can still dictate his daughter's choice in men. Now widowed and a single mother, Skye isn't the yes-girl she once was. Especially since the love of her life is back in Texas after eight long years. He won't like the answers to the questions he's asking. About why she left him at the altar. And about her eight-year-old daughter.

Former Navy SEAL Mitch Cassidy comes home to find nearly everything different. His wounds from battle have changed the way people treat him. His cattle ranch is suddenly organic. but time hasn't touched his desire for Skye - or the sting of her betrayal. Forget lip service. He's asking that luscious mouth of hers to reveal the truth. But will Mitch be able to put the past aside to help Skye get out from under her father's thumb...and help himself recover from a broken heart.

My thoughts: This is the second in the Lone Star Sister's series and, like the first, was a quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed. This time, the book focuses on Skye, the middle daughter that still lives at home with Daddy, who thinks he can run her life. I found myself cheering on Skye whenever she had confrontations with her dad. It also focuses on Mitch, who is home from overseas and has a lot of healing to do. I found it so true that a child would be able to put things in perspective for an many times is that the case in real life. We also learn more about the sisters' half-brother, Garth - a story-line that seems to be intricately woven throughout the books.

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