Monday, July 26, 2010

Musing Mondays (7.26.10)

Musing Mondays2 This week’s musing asks: 
Do you review books? If so, for who?
If not, have you ever thought about doing so? Why, or why not?

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Yes, I review books. I review all the books that I read, whether they are ones I picked up to read or was asked to read by someone else. I only started my blog back in February and was shocked the first time someone contacted me to review a book. I've been contacted directly by authors, and then I've had some publishing companies/publicists contact me to be part of virtual book tours. It always amazes me when I get a request - I constantly wonder how they found me and my blog!  It's great receiving free books and I have come across some really good books that I might not necessarily have picked up. Since the initial contact, I have developed relationships with the publicists that I review for and they keep me in the loop as new tours come across their desk.

What about you?


  1. That's how I started, is a surprise to suddenly get requests.

    Here's my musing:

  2. I wish I developed a relationship with publishers , I just wouldn't know where to start. I pretty much let them contact me. Here is Mine

  3. I am finding some interesting answers again this week.

  4. I'm like you, wonder how I was found lol.

  5. Its wonderful that you have been contacted :) I'll give it some time :)

  6. I enjoy reviewing books. Especially ones that are a part of a series as they help me remember better the next time I read one.


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