Monday, August 09, 2010

Musing Mondays (8.9.10)

Musing Mondays2 This week Miz B over at Should Be Reading is shaking things up. The idea is you answer the question of the last commenter...and then leave a question for the next person to answer. It's sort of like a round-robin type of thing.

The question I am answering from the previous commenter is: Do you read every day?
Yes, for the most part, I do read every day. It is only on the rare occasion that I do not find any time during the day to read. I almost always read when I get into bed each night as I find it helps relax me and slow down my mind. I also try to read during the day - I am fortunate that I work from home with very flexible hours. I love to read while having lunch and even while drinking my morning cuppa tea.

My question: Do you write your review of a book as soon as you finish reading it and before you start reading your next book? Do you take some time to digest the book before writing the review?



  1. I usually read every day as well. It is rare that I don't read a few pages daily!

    My answer to your questions is here.

  2. yes, I too tend to read everyday, someday a lot and some day a little.

    as to reviews, I try to write them at once, when I better have a sense of the book and what I went to say. if i wait, it takes me that much longer to write it.

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  4. I do read everyday. Even if it poetry.

    And I write reviews as soon as I finish my books. At this moment I don't have any review pending.

    You can also answer my question at my Musing Mondays post!


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