Monday, October 18, 2010

Musing Mondays (10.18.10)

This week’s musing asks: 

Do you prefer hardcovers, trade paperbacks (the bigger ones), or mass market paperbacks (the smaller ones)? Why?

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The short answer is it all depends...there are times when I go for the trade paperbacks, there are times when I buy the mass market paperbacks and then there are times when I prefer hardcover books. 

I always buy James Patterson books in hardcover - I have a collection of his books on my bookshelf and am even trying to find hardcovers of his older works that I do not have yet. The other time I go for the hardcover is at the library book sales - especially if it's an author I really like and know I will be keeping the book.

For other books that I plan on keeping, I tend to go for the trade paperbacks. I like the size - it is manageable for reading in bed (a big plus!) yet still fits in my bag - I tend to carry a rather large bag - without weighing it down too much. Plus, it looks nice on the bookshelf.

For books that I know I will be passing on to someone - most likely my sisters - I tend to buy the mass market paperback. The size is perfect for reading in bed, throwing in my bag and of course, mailing to whoever gets it next!
What about you?


  1. I like them all, however, I do have my favorite.

  2. Good answers! I have my somewhat quirky reasons, which you can find here:

    Click on my name for the link....

  3. LOL our first sentences are exactly alike. It seems we all have the same reasons for our likes and dislikes.

  4. Definitely tradesize for me. They are much easier to handle and read while commuting on the bus to & from work....

  5. I like your answers. Very good points to remember.

  6. Good answer. I prefer the mass market size. I used to buy all of James Patterson's books in hardcover, but I don't anymore.

  7. I am definitely digging on the larger trade paper backs of late. And I've always preferred paper backs to hardcovers for reading, and hardcovers for collecting because their covers are soooo pretty. =) Smaller mass ones are slowly becoming my least favorite, which I just now realized!
    Great post. =)


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