Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery (audio book)

From the back of the audio case: Anne of Green Gables, the story of a mischievous, carrot-topped waif, is beloved by generations of girls. Now Anne has grown into a lovely woman. Leaving the tranquility of her home on Prince Edward Island, she begins a new life on the mainland as a freshman at Redmond College.

Will she be ready for the challenge of a cranky professor who thinks education is wasted on women? Or will she welcome the security offered by proposals of marriage? Education and romance are hanging in the balance for the curious, red-haired beauty.

Follow the irrepressible Anne Shirley as she journeys into a wider world and faces the tantalizing decisions of young adulthood. Barbara Caruso's tones perfectly capture the spirit of the enchanting Anne.

Read by: Barbara Caruso

My thoughts: I love reading or in this case hearing about Anne's adventures. I first read this series about 25 years ago and now I am in the midst of rereading them. Anne of the Island is the third book in this beloved series and it is the story of Anne's four years at Redmond College. We meet up again with some familiar characters from previous books including Gilbert Blythe, Priscilla Grant, Charlie, Diana, Ruby Gillis, Stella Maynard, Mrs. Lynde, Marilla and of course the twins, Dora and Davy. Many new friends emerge such as the unforgettable Phil (short for Phillipa) who can't dream of marrying a man who isn't rich, romantic Roy Gardener and the sweet Aunt Jamesina. After spending her freshman year in a boarding house, Anne and chums Priscilla, Stella, and Phil move into a little house called Patty's Place. Even though they are committed to their studies, life is never dull. Anne has no lack of suitors, turning down no fewer than five proposals during the course of the story. But the best one is saved for last! And of course, her summers are full of adventure, whether it's back in dear Avonlea or teaching as a country schoolmarm. Like all the books in this series, Anne of the Island has a blend of humor and poignancy; joy and sorrow. 

I have loved listening to Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island but am bummed to find out that the rest of this series has not been recorded on audio books.

(I borrowed this audio book from the library.)


  1. Tantor Audio has recently added several of the titles to their catalog, and most are available on Audible.

  2. @Jeff Thanks...I will have to check that out!


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