Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Review: The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton

First line: Never in her life had Catherine Parkstone imagined so many sheep.

From the back cover: A rural idyll: that's what Catherine is seeking when she sells her house in England and moves to a tiny hamlet in the Cevennes mountains. With her divorce in the past and her children grown, she is free to make a new start, and to set up in business as a seamstress. But this is a harsh and lonely place when you're no longer here on holiday. There is French bureaucracy to contend with, not to mention the mountain weather, and the reserve of her neighbours, including the intriguing Patrick Castagnol. And that's before the arrival of Catherine's sister, Bryony...

My thoughts: This is a beautiful novel about family, friendship, love and new beginnings. Quite simply, it is a story about following your heart and your dreams, and taking risks that can lead to amazing experiences. Catherine is ready for a change and decides to sell her house in England and move to a small town in France. Once settled, she decides to take up needlepoint, creating beautiful tapestries and home-furnishings. I enjoyed learning a little bit about the art of creating tapestries. I also loved getting to know the other characters, particularly those who live near Catherine in the Cevennes, like Madame and Monsieur Bouschet, Madame Volpiliere, and Patrick Castagnol. Filled with beautiful writing and descriptions, The Tapestry of Love is a book that is meant to be savored, not devoured. It is like visiting old don't want to rush to find out what is going on, you want to enjoy the visit, savoring each moment as you reconnect.

Thank you to the author for sending me this book to review - I really enjoyed it!


  1. I really liked it too, Kristin!

  2. Thanks for the great review, it sounds like a lovely book!

  3. Mary and Gigi: Have you read any of her other books?

    Bonnie: It is such a great book.


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