Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Scones & Bones by Laura Childs

First line: A smirking human skull, all hollow eye sockets and pronounced parietal bones, grinned diabolically at Theodosia.

From the back cover: Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is lured into attending the Heritage Society's Pirates and Plunder party by her master tea blender. Amid the gold earrings and doubloons, an antique skull ring set with a huge diamond steals the show - and gets plundered by someone who murders a history intern in the process.

Even with that on her plate, Theodosia still has to attend the Charleston Food and Wine Festival, where she's hosting a tea and cheese tasting - the latest culinary trend. But as her thoughts keep drifting to the victim, Theodosia knows she'll have to whet her investigative skills to find the killer among a raft of suspects...

My thoughts: This is the twelfth book in Laura Child's Tea Shop Mystery series and I loved it. Once again Theo finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. While attending a "Pirates and Plunder" party with Drayton, a party featuring lots of pirate memorabilia, there's a commotion in one room that results in a death and a stolen object. Not one to stay away from the action, Theo, along with the help of Drayton, starts investigating, uncovering some interesting pirate lore along the way. With many twists and turns, I was pulled right into the mix, not wanting to put my book down until I knew who did it. There's also a new love interest on the horizon for Theo - Max Scofield, the newly appointed PR director at the local museum. The only problem is that Theo already has a boyfriend and Max, when Theo first meets him, is dating Delaine, Theo's friend. It's certainly an interesting and entertaining love triangle as it begins to play out and I look forward to seeing how it ends up in subsequent books. I love catching up with the folks at Theo's Indigo Tea Shop and I also enjoy all the tea tips and recipes that are included in the back of the book. This is definitely one book that as I read, I have a nice cuppa tea right along side me. 

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book to review - I loved it!!!

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