Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: The D Word by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

First line: It has been exactly 350 days since I decided I'd be better off without him.

Why I read this: I got a request from a publicist wanting to know if I would be interested in participating in the authors blog tour.

Synopsis: Jordan Daniels and Elle Ryan thought their lives would become less complicated when they walked away from their respective relationships one year ago. But instead, they find themselves vying for a relationship with the same divorced man.

As a spiritual counselor, newly single mother Jordan Daniels makes her living predicting other people’s futures. If only she could foresee her own. A year after filing for divorce from her husband, Kevin, he seems to be the one moving on effortlessly, while Jordan still can’t bring herself to fill his old underwear drawer. But it’s not until Jordan’s polar opposite, Elle steals Kevin’s heart, that Jordan becomes convinced she’ll be replaced both as a wife and a mother to her five-year-old son, Max.

When Elle met Kevin, the last thing she wanted was another relationship. Especially not with a man with baggage-she already had enough of her own. She left her fiancĂ©, Chase right before their wedding to avoid the imminent D word, something she’s convinced runs in her family like a disease. But a year later, she’s no closer to becoming less skeptical about marriage. And despite her attachment to Kevin and his son, when Elle sees just how far Jordan’s willing to go to win Kevin back, Elle starts to question if she should have left Chase in the first place.

In The D Word you’ll walk in the shoes of Jordan and Elle as they discover that sometimes you’re not that different from the person who makes you feel the most insecure.

My thoughts: This was a fun, quick read that I devoured in one day. The characters were all brought to life and it was easy to feel empathy for them and to laugh along with them as they found themselves in some pretty humorous situations. Divorce is not always a light subject to tackle, yet these two authors were able to keep the story line moving while giving you the ability to see all sides. Alternating the points of view from Jordan to Elle as the story progresses, it's hard to tell which writer gave voice to which character, yet the story flowed as if only one writer were writing it - quite an impressive feat! I really enjoyed this book and loved finding out just what a spiritual counselor was all about. I look forward to reading more from this dynamic duo!

About the authors: Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke have been friends for over twenty years. They both attended Cal Poly Pomona University and each graduated with a degree in Communication. They co-wrote their previous novel. I'll Have Who She's Having, in 2009. Liz also blogs as the Drama Mama for ModernMom.com while Lisa contributes frequently to Barnes & Noble’s Unabashadly Bookish blog and Mall of America’s Fashion Sense blog. Liz is married with two children, and Lisa is married and gave birth to a daughter in January. Liz resides in Long Beach, California, while Lisa lives in Chicago.

For more, visit http://www.chicklitisnotdead.com/ or follow Liz and Lisa on Twitter www.twitter.com/lizandlisa

I received a complimentary copy of the e-book version of The D Word by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke from Crystal Patriarche at BookSparksPR.


  1. I am going to be reading and reviewing this book for Luxury Reading and can't wait! Sounds like the perfect summer escape.

  2. I can't imagine writing a book with someone else - finding the right way to make two different styles and voices gel together seems so difficult. I'm always impressed when I see it done well. And this sounds like a pretty good read. I'll keep it on my radar!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring The D Word! Your site is awesome! Xoxo, Liz and Lisa

  4. @ Colleen: I look forward to reading your thoughts on it...I thought it was so fun - the perfect book for the summer!

    @ Jennifer: I think this is the first time I've read a book like this and I couldn't tell when the writer switched - very commendable!

    @ Liz and Lisa: Thanks for visiting my blog - I love when the authors take the time to stop by!

  5. I'm not familiar with these authors, but the book sounds really good. I think it needs to be added to my reading list!
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