Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Midnight Angel by Carly Phillips (e-book)

First line: Dylan North walked down the streets of Acton, savoring the familiar sights.

Why I read this: This is one of Carly Phillips earlier works and when I saw that it was available for my Nook, I jumped on it.

Synopsis from Goodreads: You never forget your first love ...

High school sweethearts, Dylan North and Holly Evans believed their future together was a done deal. But right after graduation, Dylan took off, leaving nothing behind except a hastily written note and Holly's broken heart. Ten years later, Dr. Holly Evans has a great career and a fulfilling life. The last thing she needs is Dylan coming back and stirring up old feelings.

Now Dylan is a Hollywood superstar but one thing is missing - and that's Holly. Can he correct his past mistakes and win her back or does happily ever after only happen in the movies?

My thoughts:  This was a fun read about first and last love. It is a poignant tale of former lovers whose love was torn apart just as they were beginning a life together. When Holly and Dylan's paths cross again later in life, Holly isn’t interested at first in renewing a relationship with Dylan, but one look at him makes her reconsider. Dylan never forgot Holly and now he needs to convince her that breaking it off when he did all those years ago was for the best. This tale makes you recall your own childhood romances and wonder what could happen if they had a second chance. Will Dylan and Holly work out the intricate part of their relationship and embark on a life together? A heartwarming tale that might even cause a few tears. 

(I purchased this e-book.)


  1. It sounds as if you enjoyed this one. :)

  2. Sounds like a nice easy read, did you get it on Amazon?



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