Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: 1105 Yakima Street by Debbie Macomber

First line: Sunshine splashed into the windows of the Bremerton waterfront cafe.

From the back cover: Dear Reader,
You've probably heard that my wife has left me. Rachel's pregnant, and she says she can't handle the stress in our household anymore. My thirteen-year-old daughter, Jolene, is jealous of her. Maybe it's my fault. As a widower I spoiled her -

Jolene was reading over my shoulder just now and says that's not true. She claims Rachel ruined everything. But that's not true. The real question is: How can I get my wife back? I don't even know where she is. She's not with Teri Polgar or any of her other friends from the salon. The other question is...when will Jolene grow up and stop acting like such a brat?

Of course, I'm not the only one in town with problems. Linc Wise's father-in-law is trying to destroy his business. And you know Charlotte Rhodes? Seems she's becoming forgetful, and the family's worried about her and Ben. Lots of other stuff going on - but Rachel is better at keeping up with it than I am.

If you have any idea where my wife is, give me a call. Please.
~Bruce Peyton

My thoughts: This is the 11th and second to last book in Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series and even though I was excited to read it, I didn't want to finish it because that means only one book left.

The main focus of this book is the story of Rachel and Bruce Peyton, who live at 1105 Yakima Street. They are expecting their first child together, but are experiencing major difficulties because of Jolene, Bruce's 13-year-old daughter, who is not adjusting well to the marriage or the pregnancy. Not wanting to add more stress to her pregnancy, Rachel moves out and it's up to Bruce to try to convince his wife that things can turn around. 

Of course, throughout the course of the book, we get glimpses into other residents of Cedar Cove. We see Olivia and Will coping with the aging problems of Charlotte and Ben, Gloria trying to fit in with her biological family while dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, Grace learning to love again, and Linc and Lori coming to terms with her parents. We also get updates on Nate, Roy, Corrie, Linnette, Mack, Mary Jo, Terri, Christie, James, Shirley, Miranda, and more.

I've really come to enjoy visiting Cedar Cove through these books and while I am excited to read the next installment, I am also dreading it because it will be the last visit there.

(I purchased this book.)


  1. I have this book, but haven't read it yet. I hate to think the series will be ending also.

  2. @Gigi Ann I did hear that she will be starting a new she does still have the Blossom Street series, but it's still sad to see the end to the Cedar Cove series.


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