Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Hide by Lisa Gardner (audio book)

From the back of the audio case: It was a case that haunts Bobby Dodge to this day - the case that nearly killed him and changed his life forever. Now, the gruesome discovery of six mummified corpses, resurrects his worst nightmare: the return of a killer he thought dead and buried.

Bobby's only lead is wrapped around a dead woman's neck. Annabelle Granger's childhood was a blur of new cities and assumed identities. But what - or who - her family was running from, she never knew. Now a body is unearthed from a grave, wearing a necklace bearing Annabelle's name, and the danger is too close to escape.

Dodge knows he must solve the mystery of Annabelle Granger, and to do that he must team up with his former lover, partner, and friend, D.D. Warren from the Boston P.D.

From its tense beginning to its shocking climax, Hide is a thriller that delves into our deepest, darkest fears. Where there is no one to trust. Where there is no place left to hide.

Read by: Maggie-Meg Reed

My thoughts: I have really been enjoying going back to the beginning of this series. I read books four when that book first came out as part of the author's blog tour and then did the same with book five. Before any more books come out in this series, I decided to go back and start at the beginning. I was able to find this book on audio and really enjoyed listening to it - the suspense kept me hooked.

In Hide, the second in Lisa Gardner's Detective D.D. Warren series, we see some familiar characters - Bobby Dodge, D.D. Warren, and even Catherine Gagnon. We are also introduced to some new characters, mainly Annabelle Granger.

Bobby Dodge and D.D. Warren are called to the grounds of a mental hospital where a grim discovery has been made - the secret underground lair of a long-ago serial killer of little girls. The hospital was closed years ago, and the killer was never caught. The gruesome evidence in the bunker includes an old locket on the remains of one victim. The name on the locket is Annabelle Mary Granger. Imagine their surprise when a grown woman arrives at their police station, claiming to be the owner of the locket.

Hide is part puzzle and part romance. It alternates between first person - Annabelle's voice - and third person - for describing the two detectives investigating the case. This is not only the story of sexual predators and lives of crime, but also it is the story of Annabelle Granger and the tragic loss of her childhood. I have a feeling that this will not be the last time we see Annabelle - not because she is involved in another crime, but for other reasons.

(I borrowed this audio book from the library.)

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