Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Monday...What Are You Reading? (2.18.13)

It’s Monday What Are you Reading , hosted by Sheila, is the perfect way for me to begin my week and allows me to focus on what needs to be read and to see what I have or have not accomplished the previous week. I also enjoy discovering new books by visiting other participants blogs.
With all the snow and cold weather we've had lately, it was such a good feeling to book our trip to Aruba for the end of April. I can't wait to go sit on the warm, sandy beach and just enjoy the sun and read. I'm already starting to thing about what books I want to read while there!

I'll be driving to North Carolina (from NY) next week for the Challenge Walk MS that I am doing with my mom in Charleston, SC the first weekend of March - I can't believe that's already next weekend! I'm on the hunt for some good audio books for the long's about 10 hours. Any suggestions would be most welcome!!! 

Books Completed last week:
  • Bella Summer Takes a Chance by Michele Gorman (review book)
  • Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich (library audio book)
  • The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen (mine) 
  • The Truth About Love and Lightning by Susan McBride (review book)
Reading Now: 
  • The Good Daughter by Jane Porter (mine)
  • The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker (library audio book) - car/house
  • The Search by Nora Roberts (library audio book) - ipod
  • The House Girl by Tara Conklin (review book)
  • Private Berlin by James Patterson (mine)
  • Sweet Tea Revenge by Laura Childs (review book)
 Reviews Completed last week:
 Other posts related to books:
Books for which I need to finish reviews:
  • Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini 
  • To the Nines by Janet Evanovich
  • The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen 
  • The Truth About Love and Lightning by Susan McBride

What about you?  What does your reading week look like this week?  Whatever it is, happy reading and have a good week!



  1. I'd love to comment on your upcoming reads but all I can think about is your upcoming vacation! ;) Have a great week!

    1.'s going to be hard to concentrate on everything else when I all want to do is think about Aruba!!!

  2. I am so ready for winter to be over! Hope you have a great trip to Aruba and have fun in the Carolinas! I like to listen to audio books on long drives too but I typically just listen to the same stuff over and over again (Harry Potter). I did really enjoy the audio book of Little Princes by Conor Grennan and I also like the audio of The Help (though I haven't finished it yet).

    I want to read The House Girl and The Gilly Salt Sisters and I look forward to your reviews.

    1. I haven't listened to any of the Harry Potter books yet, but I did read them all. I also need to listen to The Help - I read the book, but heard the audio was amazing.

      The Gilly Salt Sisters is really good so far!

  3. Some great books here, it seems like you enjoyed yourself, and what an amazing idea to go on vacation to Arbua!

    kind regards,

  4. I want to read The Good Daughter soon...and catch up on the Stephanie Plums....enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Yup the Evanovich books would be fun to do audio on your way to NC, both of you should enjoy that & get a laugh. Have fun on your trip!

  6. Lucky girl! Just knowing a vacation is just down the road is enough to cheer one up through the winter. You got a lot of reading done. I'm off to read your review of The Ambassador's Daughter.

  7. Enjoy your books! I'm going to listen to the rest of the Evanovich books on audio. I figure it would be easier to catch up that way. Have a great week!

  8. Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful! I am ready for some warm weather. Have a great reading week.

  9. Aruba! I'm jealous!

    You're heading to NC just as I'm leaving the state for Florida. We love Charleston! We're talking about heading down in the spring. Have a good week and a safe drive!

  10. I've heard great things about the Gilly Salt Sisters. I hope it's a great read for you!

  11. You've been getting in some great reading. I see several on your lists that I want to read. The Gilly Salt Sisters is one of them.

    Lucky you...going to Aruba! I know you'll have fun.

    Have a great week!

  12. Aruba sounds divine, April will be here before you know it. Have a great week and happy reading and planning lol

  13. I just finished the audiobook of Painted Girls and the narration was very good.

    Aruba sounds wonderful. Sunshine, warm weather and (hopefully) some time to read.


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