Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bloggiesta...Finish Line

Another Bloggiesta has come to an end! This event couldn't be more timely as I been neglecting my blog lately due to life getting in the way. Now if only I can figure out a way to stay caught up on some of the more mundane housekeeping things on a regular basis, some of these tasks won't need to keep showing up on my to-do list!

I ended up accomplishing most of what was on my list:
  • Write up all outstanding reviews that I need to post - COMPLETED
    • Completed and posted 2 reviews
    • Completed and scheduled 3 reviews
    • Set up draft posts for 3 reviews
  • Set up posts for upcoming review/posts - COMPLETED
  • Update reading log and link reviews to log - COMPLETED
  • Update challenge lists and link reviews - COMPLETED
  • Update Review Archive list - COMPLETED
  • Post necessary reviews to Netgalley - COMPLETED
  • Look into options for replacing Google Reader - COMPLETED
    • I opted to go with Bloglovin' - so far I like it but still have some organizing to do
  • Clean up reader subscriptions before migrating to new reader - COMPLETED
  • Clean up e-mails - COMPLETED
  • Update Goodreads tbr list - COMPLETED
  • Update blog roll - COMPLETED
  • Update blog planner/calendar - COMPLETED
  • Participate in at least 2 mini-challenges
    • Didn't do any this time - got so caught up in my other to-do items that I forgot all about these - oh well, there's always next time!
  • Visit at least 15 blogs participating in Bloggiesta each day - COMPLETED
Other things I got to that were not on my original list:
  • Signed up for a twitter account - I can be found at @alwayswithabook
  • Joined in the twitter parties on Saturday and Sunday - so much fun!!! 

All in all it was one productive weekend and I already have another list of things to do for the next Bloggiesta, which will be sometime towards the end of September. There might also be another mini-Bloggiesta towards the end of July. Now I am excited to visit everyone and see how much they got done and see if I should be adding more to the new list!!!



  1. Wow you did a lot. I love how you have your reading challenge bars on the left here btw. It's cool to see your progress. Great job with everything!
    -Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

  2. I didnt even hear about Bloggiesta until this morning... first one I have missed since I started blogging in June 2009. :( Bummer... but there was no way I could have participated this weekend anyway. Looks like you did wonderfully!

  3. Wow, you did a fantastic job! I didn't do any of the mini challenges, either, but I did't even accomplish half of what you did! Great job!

  4. Wow you got so much done. I didn't get to many of the mini-challenges either. I want to do a bloggiesta one year that I just write reviews and posts and stuff like you did. Seems like every year is full of technical hard stuff. And welcome to twitter!

  5. You had a great weekend! Doesn't it feel good to cross things off the list? Enjoy the new week.

  6. You did such a great job! Isn't Bloggiesta the best? (following you on Twitter now!)

  7. Whoa! You accomplished a lot this weekend! Good job!

  8. Wow, awesome job completing so many goals in one weekend! I didn't participate in any of the mini-challenges for this round of Bloggiesta either, just an old one about Facebook.

  9. It looks like you had a productive Bloggiesta! I already have a list started for the next Bloggiesta.

    Joy's Book Blog

  10. WOW good job, thank you for stopping by Oh! My Heartsie.

  11. Wow, great job on your list! I'm finally catching up on visiting everyones Bloggiesta finish line posts. here's my list...

  12. I picked Bloglovin' too. Congrats on getting so much done on your list.


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