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Review: Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich (audio)

Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich
Narrated by CJ Critt
Recorded Books
Length: 9.75 hours

From the back of the audio case: Best-selling author Janet Evanovich is the recipient of the Crime Writers Association's John Creasy Memorial, the Last Laugh, and Silver Dagger awards. Her Stephanie Plum series, starring New Jersey's most colorful bounty hunter, is delightfully unique. Join Stephanie on an adventure that is sure to keep you chuckling and guessing how she is going to conquer evil this time.

Stephanie's predicament begins outside, a deli-mart, when it is robbed by a man wearing a devil mask. Before the crime is over, Stephanie's car is in flames, and she has seen the thief's face. Learning that he is a member of a Trenton street gang, she goes after him. But instead of bringing down the thief, she finds herself on the run instead.

For audio fans, narrator CJ Critt has become the authentic voice of Stephanie Plum. Witty, fast-paced, and outrageous, Ten Big Ones makes full use of this energetic performer's talents.

My thoughts: As much as I love this series, I am seriously bummed that this is the last one narrated by CJ Critt. As is stated above, I agree that CJ Critt has become the authentic voice of Stephanie Plum...but that is not going to stop me from listening to the rest of this series. I think this series is the perfect series for audio.

In Ten Big Ones, Stephanie needs to go on the run after seeing the face of a gang member in the act of committing a crime. Having no where else to go, she manages to find Ranger's batcave and hides out there, believing that no one is the wiser...oh Stephanie - do you ever learn??? Of course Ranger knows she's there despite the fact that he is out of town. That part I didn't like - that he was MIA most of the book. 

As far as the action in the book, there is plenty. There's another car fire and a visit to the funeral home. Then Stephanie and Lula decide it's a good idea to capture a guy, hold him captive and then torture him to get information out of him. There's the FTA that robbed a Frito Lay truck because she hated her low-carb diet. As all this is going on, Stephanie's sister Valerie has decided to go ahead and marry Albert Kloughn. Feeling overwhelmed with the wedding planning, Valerie finds unlikely assistance from Sally Sweet, the transvestite bus driver that also happens to be a client of Stephanie's. 

Throughout the book, the love triangle between Stephanie and Morelli/Ranger is at the forefront. It seems that whenever Stephanie doesn't agree with Morelli, she walks out. While staying at Ranger's batcave, Stephanie is almost playing with fire - she uses his soap and swoons with delight! When Ranger comes back from his business trip, he isn't at all surprised to find her in his apartment. He even tells her that he has her listed as a line item under entertainment in his business plan. As he tells her - "this is a high stress business and she's comedy relief for the whole team!" 

While I love the interactions between Stephanie and Ranger, I think I love her more with Morelli. But either way, I do wish she would just make up her mind. Will that be coming soon?

(I borrowed this audiobook from the library.)  

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