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Review: If You Were Mine by Bella Andre

If You Were Mine by Bella Andre
Series: The Sullivans #5
Oak Press
May 2012
Format: e-book, 194 pages
Source: Novel Publicity

Can two people who have both sworn off love find forever in each other's arms?

The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to take care of his brother's new puppy for two weeks. Until he meets the dog trainer, that is. Heather is bright, beautiful, and he can't stop thinking about her. Unfortunately, she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him.

Heather Linsey can't believe she's stuck working with one of the city’s top dogs, auto-shop tycoon Zach Sullivan. Especially when his focus is clear from the start—not only to learn how to deal with his temporary puppy...but also to make Heather his. Having sworn off love at seventeen when she realized it was nothing more than a pack of lies, she has stuck to her vow never to fall for a charming man.

But as Heather's determination to push Zach away only fuels his determination to get closer—and the sensual and emotional connection between them grows more and more undeniable—will the biggest Sullivan bad boy of all tempt her into believing in love again?

My thoughts: This is the 5th in Bella Andre's Sullivan series and I keep falling more in love with this family! I love how while each book focuses primarily on one of the Sullivan siblings, the others that we've already met and fallen in love with show up.

This 5th installment is Zach Sullivan's story. I have to admit that I've loved this one the most, probably because of the dog plot line - having a dog, I could totally relate to how it is when you get a new puppy and I could appreciate the training tips that Heather, Zach's love interest in the book, gives. Heather and Zach meet when Zach reluctantly agrees to take his brother Gabe's dog while he, his new wife and her daughter are on vacation. From the start Heather takes an instant disliking to Zach, but Zach is instantly intrigued and can't stop thinking about her. 

I enjoyed watching Zach and Heather fall in love. It definitely wasn't an easy road, but you could see how they came to lean on each other when one needed a boost. Heather did not have a good role model in her parents when it came to love and so has many reservations about falling in love herself. Zach is used to getting what he wants when he wants, so he definitely has to change tactics if he hopes to win Heather's affections.

I love how Bella Andre usually uses the last chapter to set up who's story is next...this time we get a glimpse into what's going on with Ryan Sullivan...I can't wait to read his story in Let Me Be the One.

Maybe it's because I come from a big family (I'm the oldest of seven) or because I am just a sucker for a good love story, but I absolutely love this series. Do you have a series that you love - whether for the story or because you can relate in some way?

Books in this series:

  1. The Look of Love                         6.  Let Me Be the One
  2. From This Moment On              7.  Come a Little Bit Closer
  3. Can't Help Falling in Love        8.  Always On My Mind
  4. I Only Have Eyes for You        9.  The Way You Look Tonight
  5. If You Were Mine  


  1. Kristin, I'm glad you're enjoying this series so much! :)

  2. I'm seeing this author's books everywhere. She's written a lot of books!


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