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Review: Close Your Eyes by Iris Johanse/Roy Johansen (audio)

Title: Close Your Eyes   
Author: Iris Johansen/Roy Johansen   
Series: Kendra Michaels, #1   
Narrator: Elisabeth Rodgers  
Published: July 2012, Brilliance Audio  
Length: 10 hours, 41 minutes   
Source: Purchased via Audible

A music therapist who thrives on helping others, Kendra Michaels cherishes the ordinary life she has achieved after stem cell surgery restored her sight. The skills she perfected during those sightless years - the ability to pick up the most subtle audio, olfactory, and tactile cues in the world around her - coupled with her laser-sharp mind have made her a uniquely potent observer and problem solver. Kendra's uncanny way of connecting the dots is as baffling to law enforcement as it is legendary. When former agent Adam Lynch, known as the Puppetmaster, approaches her about a possible serial murder case, she is determined to steer clear. But he's a notorious manipulator, skilled at handling criminals and colleagues alike to get the results he wants. And now he holds a trump card: The latest possible victim is Kendra's ex-lover, an FBI agent who vanished without enough clues to follow - unless Kendra can pick up the trail. And if she can't, she just might close her eyes again...forever.

My thoughts: I've long been a fan of Iris Johansen, especially her Eve Duncan series, so when I heard that her and her son were teaming up to write what I hope is going to be a new series about Kendra Michaels, I became very excited. I had first met Kendra in Iris's book, Sleep No More, but the mother-son team had already created her character for their new series - and as usual I was one step behind. Now that I'm all caught up, I'm very anxious to see what direction they take, as I really find Kendra to be a fascinating character.

Kendra is asked by the FBI to help work on a case involving her ex-boyfriend, also FBI, who has gone missing. While she is reluctant to get involved with the FBI again, Adam Lynch is able to manipulate her into working with him. It seems that Kendra had previously worked as a consultant for the FBI and as the book moves along we learn that due to Kendra's past, she is one of the most observant human beings there are. When she reluctantly agrees to help on the case as more people die, Kendra's mother and friend Olivia start to get worried. And when the case leaves Kendra's friend Olivia hanging for her life, has she bitten off more than she can chew?

This book is full of suspense with lots of twists and turns. There's also just a hint of something going on between Kendra and Adam - I'm not quite sure exactly what it is, but perhaps as the series continues (at least that's my hope!!!), that relationship can be further defined. Both are strong characters and there is definitely the potential for either a good romance or a strong friendship/partnership.

Audio thoughts: I really enjoyed listening to Elisabeth Rodgers narrate this and am thinking that audio might be the way to go with the rest of the books in this series, especially is Elisabeth is narrating them! She does a great job giving all the characters their own unique voices, especially Kendra - in fact, I can still hear her in my head as I write this review and to me, that is a good narrator!

Books in this series:
   .5  With Open Eyes
   1.  Close Your Eyes

   2.  Sight Unseen - due out July 2014



  1. Terrific review, Kristin! I'm glad you enjoyed this audiobook.

  2. I liked that one too. In fact, it was the one I started with and then hit up Eve :) I am 60% done with Silencing Eve (it is my car listen and we were iced in for 4 days)...:)

  3. A good narrator is so important. I have listened to some audiobooks that my friends loved when they read the book but when I listened it didn't go over because of the narrator. Thanks for sharing your review. :)


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