Friday, January 31, 2014

Book Blog Walkers: January Weekly Check-in Jan 31, 2014


Can't believe it's the last week of January...what a month! I really hope February brings some warmer weather...I'm not talking much - just give me some consistent temps in the 30s and I'll be happy! I really need to get some longer walks outdoors - my marathon is in a little over a month and a half!!!

Here's how my week went:

Jan 25:  rest   
Jan 26:  rest  
Jan 27:  3.75 miles - treadmill at gym  
Jan 28:  30 minutes indoor walking  
Jan 29:  30 minutes indoor walking  
Jan 30:  45 minutes indoor walking   
Jan 31:  45 minutes indoor walking  

How did your week go?



  1. Our weather is all over the place too. Today we are 75 and by Sunday Ice. We have had a few good walking days though! I am planning on a long walk today at the park with the pups!

    1. Luckily today (Sunday) it's in the 40's, so I'm going to do a long walk. But then tomorrow we're getting more snow and then possibly ice on Wednesday.


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