Friday, January 03, 2014

Read a Million Pages - A Perpetual Challenge

While looking into reading challenges for this year, I came across this challenge and thought it would be fun to join - it's being hosted by Julie over at Smiling Shelves

Of course, this is not a challenge that will be completed in a year, but rather many years! And, according to Julie, we can start the counting anytime, so I am going to go back to when I started tracking the books I read - thank goodness for Goodreads tracking page numbers!!!

Starting Count: 184,159 pages
2014: 41,462 pages
2015: 38,077 pages

Total: 263,698 pages

I'm going to keep this tracking separate from my other challenges and am excited to see how this pans out. Do let me know if you plan on tracking this for yourself!



  1. What a cool challenge! I like seeing how many pages I've read over a month or a year.
    Good luck!


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