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Review & Giveaway: Eggs in a Casket by Laura Childs (CLOSED)

Title: Eggs in a Casket  
Author: Laura Childs 
Series: Cackleberry Club, #5 
Published: January 2014, Berkley Hardcover 
Format: ARC Paperback, 336 pages  
Source: Author   

The ladies of the Cackleberry Club are always ready to serve—whether they’re cooking up breakfast or sniffing out a bad egg.

While Petra handles the breakfast rush at the Cackleberry Club, the café’s other two owners, Suzanne and Toni, head to Memorial Cemetery to help prepare for its 150th anniversary celebration. But as they search the winding paths for the historical society tent, they discover something else out of place: the body of ex-prison warden Lester Drummond lying facedown in someone else’s freshly dug grave.

In the small town of Kindred, everyone knows everyone, and Lester was no exception. Suzanne knew him as the creepy guy who made unwanted advances on her friend Missy Langston. But now it appears the man was hiding a few secrets…and at least one of them was worth killing for.

As the case cracks open, there are plenty of suspects to consider—from recent parolees to Missy herself, who Suzanne and Toni saw speeding away just before they found the body. Now, with a cemetery celebration in the offing, and the local authorities in over their heads, it’s up to the Cackleberry Club to unscramble the clues and clear their friend’s name.

My thoughts:  This is the 5th book in Laura Childs' Cackleberry Club mystery series and I have to say that I am really enjoying this series. The characters are always fun to catch up with and I really wish I had a place like the Cackleberry Club to hang out in - a cafe, book nook and yarn store all in one sounds like heaven to me!!!

Once again I found that the mystery had me guessing right up until the very end. Quite a few times I thought I had figured out who done it, only to be misled! While Suzanne is usually warned by Sheriff Doogie to keep her nose out of the murder investigations (not that she ever listens!), this time, she actually needs to take a more active role. After Doogie is injured and left for dead, Suzanne and her pals take matters into their own hands and start snooping around, trying to get to the bottom of things before anyone else ends up hurt or worse, dead.

While there are plenty of serious, even suspenseful moments, there are just as many funny, humorous situations to balance everything out. I find that any scene that involves Toni's on-again, off-again husband is usually good for a laugh or two. In this case, he has it in his head that he wants to enter into the town's demolition derby with a clunker of a car that you can hear coming down the road a mile away. If it's not one thing with Junior, it's another and he really is quite the comedic release! 

But he's just one of the interesting characters of Kindred that we get to catch up with besides the three main gals. Missy is also around, being that she's a main suspect in Lester's murder. Suzanne's new beau, Sam, makes a few appearances, and it's only when he gets lured out into a storm that Suzanne finally puts two and two together to figure out who the killer is. But boy oh boy, does Laura Childs sure throw a few red herrings our way in the meantime with some other suspicious characters!

I am constantly awed when I read this and the other series by Laura Childs in that she is able to keep all three series separate. She writes three cozy mystery series and, being that I read all three, I haven't once found that they sound alike or rely on the same ideas for the murders. On top of that, I just found out that she has a brand new series coming out soon - I can't wait to see what that one will be like!

Books in this series:

   1. Eggs in Purgatory                     4. Stake & Eggs     
   2. Eggs Benedict Arnold             5. Eggs in a Casket     
   3. Bedeviled Eggs                          6. Scorched Eggs - due out 2015

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