Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in March 28, 2014


Because I was feeling a bit run-down this week, I decided to take another recovery week. I did move around, did take some walks, but nothing crazy. My goal was to get at least 30 minutes of walking in - some days that was one bout of 30 minute walking and some days that was 3-10 minutes walks, but I got those walks in. Of course, my week was rather hectic, so this might have played into me feeling run-down, too, but I'm hoping to be back to my regular work-out schedule next week, including back to yoga, which I desperately need to get back to!

Oh - and as it's the last week of March, don't forget it's time to recommit to staying fit! You can find the sign-up for April here. Hope you will be joining us!!!

Here's how my week went:  

Mar 22:  30 minutes 
Mar 23:  30 minutes
Mar 24:  30 minutes
Mar 25:  30 minutes 

Mar 26:  30 minutes
Mar 27: 30 minutes
Mar 28:  30 minutes

  How did your week go? 


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  1. Good job with your walks, Kristin! 30-minute walks are fine--and certainly much better than not walking. Yoga stretches are also a nice way to relax and unwind.


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