Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Saved by the Belles by Beth Albright

Title: Saved by the Belles   
Author: Beth Albright     
Series: A Sassy Belles novella 
Published: January 2014, Magnolia Press   
Format: E-book, 137 pages   
Source: Personal copy  

Life is finally wonderful for Tuscaloosa’s Blake O’Hara Heart: a rekindled love affair with her high school sweetheart and a precious new baby on the way. But when she gets an unexpected call from Harry Heart, her soon to be ex-husband, Blake’s new sweet world is turned upside down. Harry vows his love – but soon Blake discovers he is running from a sex scandal—one that could ruin Harry, the freshman senator from Alabama, and bring down Blake right along with him.

Blake is in a fix so she does what any southern woman would do: she rounds up her Sassy Belle sisters to try to prove Harry’s innocence. Blake, Vivi and Dallas band together to fix this scandal and get that man back to Washington if it’s the last thing they do. But Blake is running out of time. Her new baby is waiting for no one as Harry’s new political career is hanging in the balance.

From a trailer-park brothel to the high-society neighborhoods of Tuscaloosa, y’all grab your best girlfriends and some sweet tea and join Blake and her girls on this twisted tale of intrigue and hilarity, southern-style.

My thoughts: I love the Sassy Belle's and was so happy to see that Beth Albright had written this novella. I devoured the first three books in this series and was very excited to be able to spend more time with my favorite Southern gals!

I love how these gals all band together to help out those they love - even those not so high on their list, in this case, Blake's soon-to-be ex-husband Harry. It seems he's involved in a scandal and has turned to Blake to help him out. Despite being very pregnant, Blake enlists the help of Vivi and Dallas and they do their best to help save Harry's political career from jeopardy.

Even though this is a very short tale, I enjoyed it very much, especially knowing that there were scenes from the book right out of author Beth Albright's own life. A while back, Beth wrote a guest post here at Always With a Book where she shared those secrets. This just makes the book that much more enjoyable and when you read those scenes you will melt knowing they actually happened in real life!

I absolutely love spending time with the Sassy Belles and can't wait for the newest trilogy to be released so I can get my next fix!!!

Books in the series:

     1.  The Sassy Belles
     2.  Wedding Belles
     3.  Sleigh Belles
     3.5  Saved by the Belles



  1. I have Sleigh Belles I am going to have to grab the other 2 and the novella!


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