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Review: The House on Mermaid Point by Wendy Wax

Title: The House on Mermaid Point   
Author: Wendy Wax    
Series: Beach #3     
Published: July 2014, Berkley Trade  
Format: ARC Paperback, 416 pages   
Source: Publicist   

In this new novel from the author of Ten Beach Road and Ocean Beach, three unlikely friends who were thrown together by disaster get a do-over on life, love, and happiness . . .

Maddie, Avery, and Nikki first got to know one another—perhaps all too well—while desperately restoring a beachfront mansion to its former grandeur. Now they’re putting that experience to professional use. But their latest project has presented some challenges they couldn’t have dreamed up in their wildest fantasies—although the house does belong to a man who actually was Maddie’s wildest fantasy once . . .

Rock-and-roll legend “William the Wild” Hightower may be past his prime, estranged from his family, and creatively blocked, but he’s still worshiped by fans—which is why he guards his privacy on his own island in the Florida Keys. He’s not thrilled about letting this crew turn his piece of paradise into a bed-and-breakfast for a reality show . . . though he is intrigued by Maddie. Hard as that is for her to believe as a newly single woman who can barely manage a dog paddle in the dating pool.

But whether it’s an unexpected flirtation with a bona fide rock star, a strained mother-daughter relationship, or a sudden tragedy, these women are in it together. The only thing that might drive them apart is being trapped on a houseboat with one bathroom . . .

My thoughts: This is the latest book in Wendy Wax's Beach series and I just loved it! I have completely fallen in love with this motley crew of women.

This latest installment, which is set down in the Keys of Florida, has the gals working to restore a rock-n-roll legend's private island into a bed and breakfast for their reality show. Problem is, he's not really on board and once again, the network head honcho has some tricks up her sleeves to make the gals' job that much harder. 

What I love about this series is the relationships that have developed amongst the women. Not only have the mother-daughter bonds grown stronger between Maddie and Kyra, but even Avery and Deirdre have managed to rebuild their relationship. And the friendship between Maddie, Avery and Nicole is one that's quite strong - those women will be there for each other for life.

I also loved the interactions between Maddie and William. Maddie had had a crush on William many years back and so when she first sees him on the island, she's tongue-tied and shy. William notices her, not that she's glamorous or young, like the usual groupies that he typically ends up with but because she's genuine and sure of herself. As they continue to interact, Maddie becomes more confident of herself around him, going as far as standing up to him a few times - something that William definitely takes note of. I'm curious to see if anything progresses further than what happens in this book with these two...

I think this book may be my favorite of the series yet. It has a little bit of everything - funny situations, a new romance brewing, friendships strengthened, and a surprising ending that you probably won't see coming. I only hope this isn't the last we've seen of these ladies as I think their stories have only just begun!

***Be sure to stop by tomorrow when I have Wendy Wax stopping by with a Q&A about the book and series. There may also be a giveaway!!!

Books in this series:

      1.  Ten Beach Road
      2.  Ocean Beach
      2.5  Christmas At The Beach
      3.  The House on Mermaid Point 



  1. Oh this sounds like a fun series! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look for this!

  2. How nice to have an author visit! This sounds like a great beach read.

  3. Yes, my favorite of the series as well!

  4. I haven't read this series but I would love to! It sounds really good! Thank you for the giveaway!
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