Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in October 24

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This past week was not the is insane right now with our data deadline approaching at the end of the month. I've unfortunately been spending very long days at my computer and have only had time to take the dogs for quick walks - thank goodness, though, for the dogs because that is about the only think getting me moving right now!!! I at least got 30 minutes total of walking in each day, but not more much than that. Hopefully this coming week is the last of this crazy schedule.
Here's how my week went:  

Oct 18:  rest
Oct 19:  rest
Oct 20:  30 minutes
Oct 21:  30 minutes

Oct 22:  30 minutes
Oct 23:  30 minutes

Oct 24:  30 minutes 
How did your week go?



  1. Great job keeping up with your 30 minute workouts.

  2. Work, sigh. But good that you got some in

  3. Dogs are a good motivation! 30 min most days in a busy week is very good! Working on a computer all day would put you off blogging!


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