Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review: 2014

2014 has been another great year and it's hard to believe that 2015 starts tomorrow!

Some of the highlights of this year include:
  • Attending BEA 2014 - what a great experience!!! Lots of great books, meeting other bloggers in person, networking with publishers/publicists, meeting authors and attending some of the parties! So much fun and I am definitely going again in 2015!
  • I walked my first 1/2 marathon in just over 3 hours and then did a second one for charity 3 months later.

My top reads of 2014 are (in no particular order):

So, here are my stats for 2014. Overall, I completed 158 books (which includes audio books) which is 2 books shy of what I read last year. I also participated in some fun challenges that caused me to alter some of my reading habits - all for the good. Here's the breakdown:
  • 158 books completed
    • 110 books read - 58 print/52 e-book
    • 48 audio books listened to
  • 20 books from library 
    • 6 print/14 audio
  • 7 books read from my shelves - NEED TO WORK ON THIS!!!
  • Purchased 79 books (includes audio books purchased via Audible)
    • read/listened to 44

Of the 13 year-long reading challenges that I participated in for 2014, I completed 7. To see which ones I did, see my Month in Review: December 2014 post, where I list the final totals of each challenge. While I started to freak out about this back a few months ago when I realized I wasn't going to finish a bunch of them, I decided to just let it go. After all, I did read quite a lot of books - and with some of the reading challenges, I crushed the goal, so in the end, I'm very happy with my results.

In the next few days I will be adding the challenges that I plan on participating in during 2015 - they are a combination of ones I've done before and some new ones. Some of these I sign up for merely to help me keep track of what I read - for instance, how many audio books I listen to in a year or how many e-books I read in a year. Some I do just because I enjoy participating in!

Thank you to all my readers - I love reading and sharing with you my thoughts on the books I read. I also love reading all your blogs. I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings for my way!!!



  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are reading. Isn't it so hard for those books that sit on our shelves waiting for our attention. I have joined a few challenges for 2015 to help me deal with some of them! There are a few on your list of top reads that I want to read too!

  2. I'm going to enjoy another year of visiting your blog ... I'm with you on The Invention of Wings and Little Mercies. Also enjoyed Big Little Lies. Leaving Time I'm hoping to get to in January, I loved the prequel. I failed abysmally at updating my challenges, even though I managed to complete a few ... 2015 I will do better haha

  3. Happy New Year - love your list of top 10 reads, Little Lies by Liane Moriarty made my list too! Good luck with your goals in 2015.

  4. Delicious! was one of my top two books for the year. Loved it!


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