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Book Spotlight, Guest Post & Excerpt: Vanished by Elizabeth Heiter

Title: Vanished   
Author: Elizabeth Heiter    
Series: The Profiler, #2      
Published: December 2014, MIRA   

Sometimes the past can haunt you...

Eighteen years ago, FBI profiler Evelyn Baine's best friend, Cassie Byers, disappeared, the third in a series of unsolved abductions. Only a macabre nursery rhyme was left at the scene, a nursery rhyme that claimed Evelyn was also an intended victim. Now, after all these years of silence, another girl has gone missing in South Carolina, and the Nursery Rhyme Killer is taking credit. But is Cassie's abductor really back, or is there a copycat at work?

Sometimes the past is best forgotten...

Evelyn has waited eighteen years for a chance to investigate, but when she returns to Rose Bay, she finds a dark side to the seemingly idyllic town. As the place erupts in violence and the kidnapper strikes again, Evelyn knows this is her last chance. If she doesn't figure out what happened to Cassie eighteen years ago, it may be Evelyn's turn to vanish without a trace.

When an Old Crime Resurfaces
You often hear about cold cases being solved because of new advances in DNA – new tests that can be run on old evidence that finally gives closure to a family somewhere waiting for answers.  Rarely do you hear about a case that’s been cold for more than a decade where the criminal suddenly comes back after years of silence.

But that’s just what happens in the second book of my Profiler series, VANISHED.

It’s not unprecedented.  I did a lot of research into real-life cases where a serial criminal went dormant for more than a decade and then suddenly popped back into the limelight.  When these criminals suddenly return, you always wonder: Why did they stop for so long?  Or did they never stop at all, but just hide their abductions or murders so well they were never linked?

In VANISHED, my FBI profiler heroine has to give cops the answers to all of those questions when the Nursery Rhyme Killer abducts a new victim after eighteen years of silence.  But this case is atypical for her for another reason, too: Evelyn has a deeply personal connection.  Eighteen years earlier, her best friend Cassie was the third and last victim of the Nursery Rhyme Killer, abducted out of her bedroom one night and never found.  The note left behind said he’d also taken Evelyn; no one knows why she was spared, and Evelyn has lived with that survivor’s guilt ever since.

So, she does what any good friend – and successful profiler – would do.  She finagles her way onto the case, traveling back to her hometown of Rose Bay, South Carolina, to profile the abductor.  Along the way, she has to ask herself: Since Cassie was never found, is there any possibility she’s still alive?  Is the Nursery Rhyme Killer really back, or could it be a copycat?  If it is the same person, will Evelyn finally learn why she was spared?  Or this time, will the Nursery Rhyme Killer make her disappear, too?

About the Author: ELIZABETH HEITER likes her suspense to feature strong heroines, chilling villains, and psychological twists. Her research has taken her into the minds of serial killers, through murder investigations, and onto the FBI Academy’s shooting range.  She writes a psychological suspense series (The Profiler) for MIRA and a romantic suspense series (The Lawmen) for Harlequin Intrigue.   

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Brief Excerpt:

“I’m looking for Evelyn Baine.” The voice was vaguely familiar and every word vibrated with tension. “The Evelyn Baine from Rose Bay. This is Julie Byers. Cassie’s mom.”

Whatever she said next was drowned out under a sudden ringing in Evelyn’s ears, under a bittersweet flood of memories. Cassie, the little girl next door who’d come over the day Evelyn had moved in with her grandparents and announced they were going to be best friends. The girl who hadn’t given a damn that Evelyn was the only person in town—including Evelyn’s grandparents—who wasn’t white, at least not entirely white. And eighteen years ago, in Rose Bay, that had mattered.

Cassie had been Evelyn’s first real friend, a symbol of everything that was supposed to change in her life when she came to stay with her grandparents.

For two years, she and Cassie had been inseparable. And then one night, Cassie had disappeared from her bed. In her place, her abductor had left his calling card, a macabre nursery rhyme.

Cassie had never come home. Julie Byers calling now, eighteen years later, could only mean one thing. They’d found her.



  1. I have the first one in every format possible (not kidding and not sure how it happened). I really do need to read it :)

  2. How funny, Felicia! (I've done that before!) I hope you enjoy it!! :)

  3. Oh wow YES! I'm totally into this story right now. I think it's because of my mom's obsession with 20/20 that I'm so intrigued by stories like Vanished. Thanks for putting this on my radar (:
    Weird name for a killer...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I hope you enjoy it, Adriana! And so funny - 20/20 can suck you in! I really tied the abductor's name into the theme of lost childhood - both Cassie's, and Evelyn's (by twisting the nursery rhymes). Happy reading! :)


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