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Review: Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker (audio)

Title: Mercy Snow   
Author: Tiffany Baker      
Narrator: Christine Lakin  
Published: January 2014, Hachette Audio  
Length: 11 hours, 23 minutes  
Source: Library 

In the tiny town of Titan Falls, New Hampshire, the paper mill dictates a quiet, steady rhythm of life. But one day a tragic bus accident sets two families on a course toward destruction, irrevocably altering the lives of everyone in their wake.

June McAllister is the wife of the local mill owner and undisputed first lady in town. But the Snow family, a group of itinerant ne'er-do-wells who live on a decrepit and cursed property, have brought her -- and the town -- nothing but grief.

June will do anything to cover up a dark secret she discovers after the crash, one that threatens to upend her picture-perfect life, even if it means driving the Snow family out of town. But she has never gone up against a force as fierce as the young Mercy Snow. Mercy is determined to protect her rebellious brother, whom the town blames for the accident, despite his innocence. And she has a secret of her own. When an old skeleton is discovered not far from the crash, it beckons Mercy to solve a mystery buried deep within the town's past.

My thoughts: I've been a fan of Tiffany Baker ever since coming across her first book, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County. Of course, I was thrilled when I found out that her latest book, Mercy Snow, was selected to be one of She Reads 'Books of Winter' picks. Because I've enjoyed listening to her previous books, I decided to go with the audio of this book and thought it was a great audio production.

What I loved about this book are the characters. They are so richly drawn and developed. You have this small paper mill town that is run by the McAllisters. They seem to think they are above everyone and everything, that rules don't apply to them. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, you have the Snows, who struggle to make ends meet. When a youth bus is run off the road with tragic results, of course, Zeke Snow is blamed because his broken down truck happens to be near the scene of the accident. But was he really responsible?

Shortly after the crash it becomes clear who really is responsible for the crash, but there are many secrets wrapped up in this that are slowly revealed throughout the rest of the book. And these secrets have many repercussions on the residents of Titan Falls. 

The three women that the story focuses on are June McAllister, Mercy Snow and Hazel, the bus driver's wife. Each woman is fiercely independent and a force to be reckoned with in her own right. They are certainly not someone you want to mess with. These are women you just want to read more about -  you get captivated and entranced by their tales - and not necessarily because they are all good characters because they are certainly not. But that's what I love about a good book - there's a mix of good and bad characters. In this case, the good characters aren't all good and the bad ones aren't completely horrific. 

This was such a great book and as is typical with Tiffany Baker's books, it contains just a touch of magic, which I have come to love. It's not too much and, in my opinion, just gives it that little extra that makes the book stand out.

Audio Thoughts: This is the first time I've listened to Christine Lakin narrate and I really enjoyed listening to her. She gave all the characters their own unique voice, adding the necessary emotion when necessary. She really had me engaged and I had a hard time walking away when I needed to do something else. I can still hear her voice and her characters in my head as I think of this book and I am definitely going to be looking to see what else Christine Lakin has narrated.

Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker is one of the She Reads "Books of Winter" reading selection picks. 
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  1. Good to know that this book works well on audio. I'm finding myself reading more and more in that manner.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this audiobook! I read (and enjoyed!) The Little Giant, and also interviewed Tiffany Baker. :)

  3. I think I want to read this book based just on the stunning cover! I'm glad to hear that I'm also going to love what is written inside!


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