Saturday, April 25, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in April 24

So, I decided to take it easy this week. My back was bothering me (and for those that remember, I took a bad fall last year, landing on my tailbone and have had issues with it on and off ever since). Besides walking the dogs, I took a few easy walks outside, but refrained from anything too strenuous, including yoga. I'm not sure what aggravated it this time around, but luckily it seems to be doing better, so hopefully I can back to my regular exercise routine next week. But, I think I'll be visiting the doctor just to make sure nothing serious is going on!
Here's how my week went:  

Apr 18:  rest (7,088 steps)
Apr 19:  rest day (5,085 steps)
Apr 20:  Walking around aquarium with brother and niece (16,399 steps)
Apr 21:  8,414 steps

Apr 22:  15,175 steps

Apr 23:  12,646 steps

Apr 24:  12,032 steps
Audiobooks listened to this week - Finished  The Precious One by Marisa de los Santos, narrated by Abbie Craden & Arielle DeLisle. 

How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.

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