Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Sunday Post #77 (6.28.15)

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. I'm also going to link this up with Sheila's It's Monday post over at Book Journey.  

I can't believe that this is the last Sunday in June...this year is flying by!!! It's been rather rainy this weekend, which was fine with me as it allowed me to get caught up on some reading and it was good for the grass and flowers. My dad came down last Monday and brought sore more day lilies with him that I still need to plant - I don't exactly have a green thumb when it comes to gardening, so hopefully I can get them transplanted without killing them. Right now, they are just sitting in tubs by the back door. I just need to decide where I want to put them...

Have a great week everyone!!!


Last week on the Blog:                              
* Book Spotlight & Excerpt: A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wax (Plus Giveaway!!!)
Review & Giveaway: Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams
* Review: The Sound of Glass by Karen White
#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in June 26

Books Read:                      
* The Silkworm by Robert Galbrait (audio book) 
* The Truth & Other Lies by Sascha Arango (review e-book) 
* As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman (review book)
Currently Reading:          
* The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel (review book)          

* The Wrong Man by Kate White  (review book) 
* The Liar by Nora Roberts (review audio book)
* The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro (library audio book)

Books Up Next:                               

* Ana of California by Andi Teran  (review e-book)
* Orphan Number Eight by Kim van Alkemade  (review book)

Recent Giveaway Winners:
As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman - Britney Adams & Amy B

Current Giveaway:
* A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wax...Ends 6.29.15
* Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams...Ends 6.30.15

Coming Up on the Blog:
* Book Spotlight : Ana of California by Andi Tehran
(with Giveaway!!!)
* Review: As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman  
* Month in Review: June 2015  
* Review: The Wrong Man by Kate White
* Review: Die Again by Tess Gerritsen
Book Haul:    
From Library:
* The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro (audio book)


* Overseas by Beatriz Williams
* Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love & Reunion by Various Authors
* Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter (audio via Audible)
* I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
(audio via Audible)

* We Are Ourselves by Matthew Thomas (audio via Audible)
* Truth or Die by James Patterson



  1. Day lilies are pretty hardy so hopefully the transplanting will go well. There's so many varieties of them that I could just buy them all! You've got some interesting books coming this week. I'm looking forward to your Kate White and Tess Gerritson reviews and I'm so curious about The Liar, The Art Forger, and The Astronaut Wives Club. I hadn't see Grand Central before but I'll be checking that out as well. Have a great week!

  2. I'm hopeless with gardening, I like a plant that will look after itself!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

  3. I don't have a green thumb either :) good luck with your gardening. Great pile of books you got. Happy reading :)

  4. I see several books on your list that I have loved, like A Week at the Lake, The Sound of Glass, As Night Falls, and The Liar.

    I just downloaded The Wrong Man...and I'm reading Ana of California.



  5. Mmmmmm, lilies smell so good, the rainy weather will be good for their beginnings in your garden :) Enjoy your book haul and have a great week !

  6. Hope you enjoying Nora Roberts, but boy is she a hard author to catch up on. But all the books I have read from her have been just great.

  7. Day lilies are so pretty and pretty hardy. I have to laugh as I go through all the Sunday Posts almost all of us commented on how fast time is going..and then some were talking about how far till Christmas..eek gads!

  8. A bit of summer rain is always welcome for a garden. I think I might listen to The Liar next, I'll have to listen to a book from my library as out of credits at Audible at the moment.
    I have wondered what Beautiful Ruins would be like, will wait to see what you think and if you like it I'll give it a go.

  9. My book club read Beautiful Ruins. I enjoyed it but no one else really did. I'll be curious to see what you think of it. Enjoy your week, and good luck with the daylilies!

  10. Day lilies are very forgiving! You have some wonderful audios to listen to! I've got The Liar on audio too. Have a great week.

  11. Like your list of reads. I've got Tiny Little Thing. Was intrigued by the cover!

  12. Good luck with the planting. I came back from my brief trip to find that my brother had trimmed all the shrubbery. It looks much more tamed around here now. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  13. I live in the south and Day Lilies are perfect. They are quite hardy and I need that in the scorching heat. Rained here this weekend too. Now it's sticky! LOL

    My Sunday Post -

  14. I have a black thumb. Or is it brown? #whatevs.. Needless to say I kill plants even the hardiest!

    Lots of great books there. Look forward to hearing how you enjoy them.


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