Saturday, July 18, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in July 17

This was a good week. I got in 2 good training walks and made it to 2 yoga classes!!! I'm feeling pretty motivated right now about my training plan for this marathon, so hopefully I can keep it going. This week was also the first week of Ophra & Deepak's latest 21-Day Meditation Challenge and I decided to participate. I haven't done one in a while and am so glad I picked this one - the theme is Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude and I am really enjoying the meditations so far.
Here's how my week went:  

Jul 11:  4,508 steps
Jul 12:  3,236 steps
Jul 13: 
4 mile fitness walk (57 min), 16,348 steps 
Jul 14:  1 hour yoga class, 15 min on treadmill, 11,837 steps
Jul 15:  1 hour indoor walking, 15,569 steps

Jul 16:  4 mile fitness walk (58 min), 17,733 steps
Jul 17:  1 hour yoga class, 15 min on treadmill, 11,119 steps
Audiobooks listened to this week :

  • Started The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, narrated by Simon Vance
How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.


  1. Looks really great and wonderful that you are enjoying the meditations. Have never been 'called' to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, hope you are enjoying it.

  2. Wow! Great week! Good luck with training.

    I loved 'The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo", I hope you enjoy the audiobook.

  3. Good for you on the walking and yoga. I haven't read the Larsson books but I know people love them. Have a great week!

  4. Yea!! You can do it! Keep up the great work.


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