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Review: A Wedding on Primrose Street by Sheila Roberts

Title: A Wedding on Primrose Street
Author: Sheila Roberts
Series: Life in Icicle Falls, #7
Published: July 2015, MIRA
Format: ARC E-copy, 384 pages 
Source: Netgalley

There's nothing like a wedding!

The joy, the fun, the memories—the stress. As a wedding planner, Anne Richardson has seen mothers of the bride turn into Momzillas, and she's determined not to do that when it's her daughter's turn to get married. But once Laney gets engaged, all bets are off. Anne becomes obsessed with giving Laney the perfect wedding she herself never had. And that wedding needs to be held in Icicle Falls at Primrose Haus, the perfect setting.

Roberta Gilbert, owner of Primrose Haus, has been hosting events at her charming Victorian for thirty years. She's an expert on weddings, but not on mother-daughter relations. When her daughter, Daphne, comes home and decides to help with the business, the receptions become truly memorable—and not in a good way. Then there's the added complication of Roberta's gardener, who seems more interested in Daphne than he is in planting primroses…

Tying the knot is a business that has everyone tied up in knots!

My thoughts: I really do enjoy Sheila Roberts' Life in Icicle Falls series...each book is just so much fun - they are always light reads, but I do find I tend to take little tidbits of life lessons along the way.

This latest installment was all about brides and moms. I love weddings and all that goes into a planning a wedding - how I wish I had decided to be a wedding planner - though I don't wish that stress on anyone!!! I was alternately laughing and cringing at the events  that happened throughout the book, from the momzillas wanting things to be done just the way they wanted to the wedding planner's daughter "helping" out. Oh, I just loved it all!!!

But just when you think all is lost, when things are totally out of control, something happens to make everyone remember to take a moment to remember what it's all about. That's the life lesson I'm talking's little tidbits like that that make these books that much better. Reading this book made me think back fondly about my days of planning my wedding - a time I loved, though the day went by much too fast!!!

I can't wait to visit Icicle Falls again...

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  1. I like this story very much. Sounds like a lot of fun as well.


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