Sunday, February 21, 2016

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in February 19

This was a good week I got two good walks in and remembered to use this great app I have on my phone - Charity Miles, so that all my steps get counted for good!!! I've decided to support Girls on the Run because my one niece, Morgan, is a runner and does some of their races and it's a small way for me to help her out! There are quite a few different charities you can choose - you can actually choose a different one every time you use the app if you want - and the app is free to download to your phone - you just need to remember to open it up once you start walking or running and have the phone on your body while you're working out for the miles to add up! It's so easy!!! My sister had told me about it and I believe Georgia in our FitReaders group has also mentioned in on Facebook - it's a great way to give back!

I also did a Leslie Sansone walk for my 5k this week - I forget how much of a total body workout these walks are! She posted a link for her 5k with a Twist on YouTube on Twitter last week, so I decided to do it - I have a bunch of her videos, but not that one. I've done that one in the past when she's provided the link, and I do love it - but boy oh whole body was feeling it!!! I think I'm going to try to incorporate at least one of her walks into my routine once a week - they are fun and a super-great workout. If you haven't tried them yet, you should definitely check them out - there are a bunch available on YouTube at all different mile lengths. I know Felicia at Geeky Bloggers does them and can vouch for them as well - that's actually how I got hooked on them :)

Here's how my week went: 
Feb 13:  3,452 steps
Feb 14:  4,102 steps
Feb 15:  11,049 steps (2.21 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)

Feb 16:  10,922 steps (Leslie Sansone's 5k with a Twist video/3.1 Charity Miles for Girls on Run)
Feb 17:  10,409 steps

Feb 18: 
11,393 steps 
Feb 19: 
11,753 steps
Audiobooks listened to this week: 

  • Started No One Needs to Know by Kevin O'Brien, narrated by Jonathan Yen

How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.

Virtual 5K /10K Tally:
           5K  -  3
         10K -  0
           5K -  2
         10K - 0

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  1. Great job! I've never done the Leslie Sansone workouts. I should see if I can put some on my phone for traveling, etc.


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