Friday, April 01, 2016

Month In Review: March 2016

Here are my reading stats for March!
  • Books read: 10
Books I read:
  1. The Bitter Season -- Tami Hoag (audio book)
  2. Try Not to Breathe -- Holly Seddon (audio book)
  3. The Two-Family House -- Lynda Cohen Loigman (e-book)
  4. Find Her -- Lisa Gardner (audio book)
  5. Somewhere Out There -- Amy Hatvany (e-book)
  6. The Killing Forest -- Sara Blaedel (e-book)
  7. Jane Eyre -- Charlotte Bronte (audio book)
  8. Pretty Girls -- Karin Slaughter (audio book)
  9. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes -- Karin Slaughter (e-book)
  10. Once a Rancher -- Linda Lael Miller (e-book)
Favorite Book of March:
  • The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman

Bookish News:
  • I made it to quite a few book signings this month: 
    • Fall of Poppies by Jessica Brockmole, Hazel Gaynor, Evangeline Holland, Kate Kerrigan, Jennifer Robson, Marcie Jefferson, Heather Webb, Beatriz Williams, & Lauren Willig - it was a lovely evening and 6 of the 9 authors were there - Jessica, Hazel, Jennifer, Heather, Beatriz and Lauren. They shared their inspirations for their short stories and how it was writing a short story as opposed to writing a novel.
    • The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman - it was great to meet Lynda in person! And so cool that during her talk, she mentioned fellow book blogger Helen from My Novel Opinion  and I, and how she got to meet us in real life as opposed to just virtually!
    • The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich - I love going to see Stephanie, and while this signing was a bit of a hike, it was totally worth it!!!
  • The Booksparks #MyWinterIsBooked Winter Reading series has wrapped up! Four books were chosen and they were great reads:
  • One of my reading goals for this year was to read a classic...and I have accomplished this already!!! I read (or really listened to) Jane Eyre and I really enjoyed it! I picked this one in anticipation of reading Lyndsay Steele's Jane Steele and now I'm quite anxious to get to that...I just have to decide if I'm going to read it or listen to it...

2016 Reading Challenge Update:
  • You Read How Many Books? Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 33/150
  • Library Reading Challenge -- Books Borrowed: 8/18
  • #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 2/18
  • Netgalley Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 14/21
  • New Authors Reading Challenge -- New Authors Read: 15/45
  • E-books Reading Challenge -- E-books Read: 14/25
  • Audio Books Reading Challenge -- Books Listened to: 15/50

*Kathyrn over at The Book Date has created a Month in Review meme for those who put together these monthly posts. From now on, I'll be linking my post up each month...Thanks Kathryn for putting this meme together!!!



  1. I read Somewhere Out There and I thought it was pretty good. I will have to check out The Two-Family House. I am ordering a copy for the library.

    Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classics. I'm glad you liked it! I am hoping to finally read The Great Gatsby this year. I tried listening to the audiobook version (Jake Gyllenhaal narrates) but it didn't hold my attention so I'm going to try the print version instead.

    1. Somewhere Out There was my first Amy Hatvany book and now I need to go back and read her other books - I really liked it and her writing style! Loved, loved, loved The Two-Family House - do let me know what you think when you read it!

      It's been a while since I read The Great Gatsby - we read that one in HS, but it's one I've always wanted to re-read. It's on my list, just haven't gotten around to it, but I'll remember your feedback on the audio and do the print version instead...thanks! And I really enjoyed Jane Eyre :)

  2. I love the signings you went to! I enjoyed the new Linda Lael Miller book. Should be a fun series.

    1. It was a good month for book signings and luckily my schedule allowed for me to attend them all! I agree about the new Linda Lael Miller book and series, too!

  3. I'm envious about your book signings/meet & greets! I still want to kick myself for not going to BEA when it was held at the Javits Center and I was still living in NY, ugh! Missed opportunity...

    I love your mentioned books and have several on my wishlist, and others to check out now. I read Find Her, Try Not to Breathe, The Bitter Season, and Pretty Girls. Want to read Hatany, The Ramblers and the Two Family House.

    Way to go with your challenges! You're doing a great job. Enjoy April and the books you read.

    1. The book signings were a lot of fun - a bit of a drive for all - but well worth it :) I've been to the last 2 BEA's but unfortunately am not going this year. It just doesn't work with my schedule. I do happen to live 25 minutes north of the city, so it's so convenient when it's in the city!

  4. Going to book events sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to read The Two-House Family. I'm glad you loved it.

    1. The book events were really great and I'm so glad my schedule allowed me to attend! I really loved The Two-Family House...hope you get to read it soon!

  5. Oh how wonderful at those book events. I loved the The Two Family House as well. In fact for me March was a month of fabulous reads. Hmm I am hopeless at reading classics and it's why I have put off reading Jane Steele but I guess having now listened to Jane Eyre you will be really ready to notice comparisons.

    1. I was lucky to get a copy of Jane Eyre with my copy of Jane Steele, but decided to listen to Jane Eyre instead. The audio version I picked was really good and I ended up really enjoying it.

      The book signings were great - it's funny how some months there are a ton and some months there are none...I haven't heard of any for April as of yet!

  6. I've been meaning to reread Jane Eyre for about forever. I'm actually digging the thought of listening to the audio version. Overall looks like you had a good reading month, hope you're April turns out grand!


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