Sunday, June 12, 2016

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in June 10

As busy as I am right now with work, making the time for my walks has really helped keep me sane and I made sure to get in those walks last week...and I was at the gym at 4:30am!!! I think those Fitbit Challenges also help to push me a little bit, too - I'm not going to's just a little motivating to try to be on top or close to it all week! Plus there are those red dots to contend with...even if you make your step goal, you still get reminders to get up and move throughout the day if you have been sitting still too long. 
Here's how my week went:     
Jun  4:  10,680 steps
Jun  5:  10,212 steps
Jun  6:  17,890 steps
(5K - 4 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)
Jun  7:  13,619 steps (30 min walk)

Jun  8:  21,422 steps (10K - 6.25 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)

Jun  9: 
15,727 steps (5K - 3.27 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)
Jun 10: 
26,397 steps (10K - 6.54 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)
Total Steps: 115,947 steps
Audiobooks listened to this week: 

  • Finished Cavendon Hall by Barbara Taylor Bradford, narrated by Anna Bentinck
  • Started The Girl from the Savoy by Hazel Gaynor, narrated by Jennifer Jones, Lucy Rayner, & Paul Fox

How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.

Virtual 5K /10K Tally:
     January:                               May:
           5K  -  3                                  5K  -  9
         10K  -  0                                10K  -  2
     February:                             June:

           5K  -  4                                  5K  -  2
         10K  -  1                                 10K  -  2                  
           5K  -  4
         10K  -  1
           5K  -  4
         10K  -  5



  1. Ah you are so inspiring. And busy at work. No no no. Not 4:30 am!

  2. Way to go, you wouldn't see me up at 4:30am anymore. I think the fitbit would drive me crazy, I work at a sit down job so I don't get to move alot.

  3. You are cra-cra, woman! But great job!! I like the challenges, too, but I can't even come close to winning. I'm usually the bottom 3 or 4. So participating is fun, but not really a motivation any longer.

  4. The challenges are very motivating, Kris, but not sure I can drag myself out of bed at 4:30 am! Ack! Congratulations on winning the Workweek Hustle this last week! :)


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