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#SRC2016 Book Review: Saving Abby by Steena Holmes (audio)

Title: Saving Abby
Author: Steena Holmes
Narrator: Angela Dwe
Published: May 2016, Brilliance Audio / Lake Union Publishing
Length: 7 hours 3 minutes / Paperback, 274 pages
Source: Publisher / Booksparks

All children’s book illustrator Claire Turner ever wanted was to be a mother. After six years of trying to conceive, she and her husband, Josh, have finally accepted that she will never be pregnant with a child of their own.

Yet once they give up hope, the couple gets the miracle they’ve been waiting for. For the first few months of her pregnancy, Claire and Josh are living on cloud nine. But when she begins to experience debilitating headaches, blurred vision, and even fainting spells, the soon-to-be mother goes to the doctor and receives a terrifying diagnosis. Since any treatment could put their unborn baby’s life at risk, the Turners must carefully weigh their limited options. And as her symptoms worsen, Claire will have to make an impossible decision: Save her own life, or save her child’s?

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Steena Holmes brings us an unforgettable story of one woman’s courage and love.

My thoughts: This is the second book I've read by Steena Holmes - the other being The Word Game - both thanks to Booksparks and I am so glad that this author is now on my radar...she writes a book that definitely packs a punch and leaves you with quite a lot to think about. I will say, though, that this one hit particularly close to home, having gone through the struggles of trying for years to get pregnant, though that's where my similarities end. But still...this need to go pick it up!

This is such a beautiful, yet very emotional story about the power of love, family and the power and strength we have when faced with the unthinkable. So many times my heart was in my mouth during this I lived through this ordeal alongside Claire - and yes, as I was reading the book, the characters and story felt so real that I felt that I was going through everything that Claire and Josh were going through. That is how good a writer Steena Holmes is; that is how powerful her words and her storytelling is.

This is the type of book that you cannot help as you reading, what would I do? If I were in Claire's position, what choices would I make? Would I do the same as she does or would I make different choices? It's hard to know exactly what we would do, but one thing is for sure...this book will definitely have you thinking and feeling...and possibly even shedding a tear or two as you frantically flip through the pages or speed through the audio to find out what the ending will be. 

Steena Holmes is now going on my auto-buy list...her books just speak to me and while I wait for her next book, I need to go back and read the ones I missed! Have you started reading Steena Holmes yet?

Audio thoughts: This was an unbelievable audio experience...Angela Dawes told it with such emotion that I felt I was a part of the story at times. She did a great job with the voices and the pacing was spot on. As emotional as this story was at times, I really enjoyed listening to it

Saving Abby  by  Steena Holmes  is one of  BookSparks "Summer Reads" reading selection picks.

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  1. So many hugs and thanks for your review! Angela Dawes is amazing, isn't she! I love that she was able to work on this novel! Thank you for your kind words and I hope I'll continue to write stories you enjoy reading!

  2. I love Steena Holmes's books. She is an author I buy as soon as they are released!!!

  3. The review was so good that if I wasn't already a fan of Steenas then I would be checking out her books from this!

  4. I loved Saving Abby. Josh and Claire will be remembered but so will the others. Claires mother in particular!

  5. Steena Holmes has become one of my favorites! Her books are so full of heart and emotion.

  6. Very nice review!!! I already read the book...but...if i hadn't read it i would have bought the book by just reading your review!! :)

  7. Steena is also on my auto buy list, she knows how to write a fantastic story!!


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