Thursday, December 08, 2016

Review: Avenged by Elizabeth Heiter

Title: Avenged
Author: Elizabeth Heiter
Series: The Profiler, #2.5
Published: January 2016,
Format: Free E-book
Source: Publisher

Love and vengeance

FBI profiler Evelyn Baine and fellow agent Kyle McKenzie are—secretly—on vacation together, visiting an island off the coast of Georgia. Evelyn has recently solved a notorious cold case, so she considers their holiday a reward of sorts. More than that, it's a cautious acknowledgment of her growing feelings for Kyle.

One day a body washes up on the beach, a body that's been disfigured. The killer has carved the word "pervert" into the victim's stomach. A second murder, with the victim labeled a "killer" appears soon after. The police don't agree when Evelyn tells them the murders look like the work of a vigilante trying to avenge…something.

Evelyn and Kyle find their own lives at risk as they move closer to the truth.

My thoughts: I really enjoy Elizabeth Heiter's The Profiler series and this was the perfect short story to tide me over until her next novel. It takes place shortly after Evelyn has solved a case that has been plaguing her for years and now has her questioning what her next steps career-wise are going to be. But, more importantly, it's also an acknowledgement that she definitely has feelings for her co-worker, Kyle - after-all, she's on vacation, albeit a secret vacation, with him!

Of course, them being the professionals they are, they cannot ignore the bodies that keep washing up on shore - especially when those bodies have words carved into them. Evelyn cannot help herself in trying to profile what type of sick person would be doing this to these bodies...oh the mind of a profiler!

This was a fun short story and it was great to see these two publicly acknowledge their feelings for each other - even though they had to go away to do so. I do wonder what will happen when they return home...will it be back to status quo or has the tide finally turned and Evelyn is willing to acknowledge to her colleagues that she does indeed want a public relationship with Mac...I guess time will tell!

Books in this series: 

     1.  Hunted
     2.  Vanished

     2.5  Avenged (free short story from Harlequin)
     3.  Seized
     4.  Stalked - due out end of December 2016 


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