Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review: Tell Me No Lies by Lisa Hall

Title: Tell Me No Lies
Author: Lisa Hall
Published: May 2017, Carina / HarperCollins
Format: Paperback, 43 pages
Source: Publisher

From the bestselling author of Between You and Me don’t miss Lisa Hall’s new gripping thriller.

Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

It was supposed to be a fresh start.

A chance to forget the past and embrace the future.

But can you ever really start again?

Or does the past follow you wherever you go…

My thoughts: This is the first book I've read by Lisa Hall and as much as I was left dumb-struck by the ending (more on that in a little bit!), I can tell you I will definitely be reading more by this author...this book was a gripping domestic thriller that gets under your skin and doesn't let up.

Ok...first of all - let's talk about that ending! How could this book end like that??? I got there and I was like - WHAT? That's it??? I was gobsmacked...I was looking for more, and actually had to go back and reread the last few pages to see if I missed something. Yes, I do see how it could end like that, but I expected a little more. I wanted a better conclusion...unless there's going to be another book following up on these characters. Then it would all make sense.

This book is insane! With a tag line on the book saying "Don't. Trust. Anyone." you know you're in for a crazy ride and this book is that and much more. I found myself questioning every character that was introduced - no one was safe from my suspicions! Is it madness that is the cause of the havoc in Steph's life or is someone messing with her?

I have to say that at first, I was unsure where things were headed and what was really going on, but then, about halfway through, I figured out who was behind things. I didn't feel let down by this - quite the opposite, in fact. I wanted to see how it would all play out - how was it going to be revealed. 

This book takes you on quite a roller coaster of a ride - it plays with your emotions and wreaks havoc on your mind. It will take hold of you until you finish it - and whether you agree with the ending or not - it's one heck of a tale ! I cannot wait to go back and read Lisa Hall's debut novel, Between You and Me, and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for what comes next from her as well! 



  1. Thank you for the review. You've got me intrigued.

  2. Insane...wow! I need to read it!

  3. Well, you've sold me on the book. To find out about the ending if nothing else. LOL


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