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Review: I Invited Her In by Adele Parks

Title: I Invited Her In
Author: Adele Parks
Published: February 2019, MIRA
Format: ARC Paperback, 432
Source: Publisher

Imagine the worst thing a friend could ever do.
This is worse.

When Mel receives an unexpected email from her oldest friend Abi, it brings back memories she thought she had buried forever. Their friendship belonged in the past. To those carefree days at university.

But Abi is in trouble and needs Mel’s help, and she wants a place to stay. Just for a few days, while she sorts things out. It’s the least Mel can do.

After all, friends look out for each other, don’t they?

I Invited Her In is a blistering tale of wanting what you can’t have, jealousy, and revenge from Sunday Times best-seller Adele Parks.

My thoughts: This is the first book that I've read by Adele Parks and I know it will definitely not be the last. I was thrilled when this book landed on my doorstop unexpectedly but I'm so glad it did! This is one of those books that as soon as you read it, you know you need to set some time aside because you don't want to do anything else but binge read it to find out what is going on.

This is such a fun, twisted, dark tale of friendship and jealousy and secrets that eventually all come out, but the way the secrets come out is what really drives this book. Right from the start, you get that sense of dark, foreboding unease and you just know that not all is as it appears to be. Little clues are hinted at, but you aren't quite sure which direction they are going to head in, and then the bottom starts to drop out...and the story takes a turn you might or might not have seen coming, but the twists don't stop there.

This is definitely a character-driven story and the characters are wonderfully developed. I was all over the place with how I felt about them. Most of the time I despised Abi - she was a master manipulator, though there were a few times I did feel sorry for her. Mel was a harder read. I felt she was feeling guilty for how she left things in college and let that drive how she was acting now. She was a little too trusting. She was a great character, but at times I wished she had more of a backbone. 

I loved the way the story unfolded. It kept me glued to the pages, not really knowing what to expect next. Sometimes it was a little slow and then it was fast and furious, but I loved it as it kept it interesting - things were unexpected and complex.

This book will get under your skin and have you questioning what you are reading. Who is the victim here? What is really going on? It will play on your worst fears and then some and you will not be able to think about anything else until you reach the end of the book. This is so worth the's entertaining and a good, addictive read - I definitely recommend!!!



  1. This is a new author for me! I love books like this, although they keep me up late at night! Putting this one on my wishlist.

    1. If you are on Instagram, I have a giveaway going on for this book. It was sooo good!!!

  2. I get irritated when people are a walkover and without a backbone (in real life and in books too!!). I'm hoping till the end that they will strike out!!


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