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Review: Final Betrayal by Patricia Gibney

Title: Final Betrayal
Author: Patricia Gibney
Series: Detective Lottie Parker, #6
Published: April 2019, Bookouture
Format: ARC E-copy, 484 pages
Source: Netgalley via Publisher

‘She lifted the flap of the envelope and pulled out the single white page. As she opened it up she stared, open mouthed. Four words were typed on the page. I am watching you.’

When Amy Whyte and Penny Brogan leave a local nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning and don’t arrive home, their families are beside themselves with worry. Conor Dowling has just been released from prison, a man full of hatred for Amy, the girl who put him behind bars in the first place.

The case is given to Detective Lottie Parker, when the girls’ blood-soaked bodies are found, days later, in a derelict squat. Chillingly, both girls are clutching silver coins in their hands – what message is this killer leaving behind? All the signs point to Conor but his alibi is water tight.

As Lottie examines Penny and Amy’s final days alive in a desperate search for clues, two more girls are found stabbed to death in a luxury apartment complex. Caught up in what is fast becoming her toughest case yet, Lottie is unaware that somebody is watching her every move.

Then Lottie’s two daughters, Katie and Chloe suddenly disappear from the town centre. Terrified that the killer has her girls, the stakes have never been higher for Lottie.

But as Lottie puts everything on the line to find her daughters and solve the case, she’s about to find herself in terrible danger – someone has a personal axe to grind with her and they know the best way to get to her is to hurt the ones she loves the most.

If you love Karin Slaughter, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Abbott, you’ll be hooked by this heart-stopping thriller from Patricia Gibney. Final Betrayal will keep you guessing until the very last page.

My thoughts: This is the 6th book in Patricia Gibney's Detective Lottie Parker series and I was so afraid to start reading it because when I saw the word "Final" in the title I thought it might mean the end of the road for this series...BUT rest assured there will be a book 7!!! In the author's note, Patricia states there will be another book...thank goodness as I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to these characters just yet!

This book was all about change for the team. They are still realing from a loss of one of their own. If you haven't read the previous book, I really suggest doing so before picking this one know my take on reading series in order, so I won't go into that, but just be forewarned that this series relies heavily on what has taken place in previous books as far as the main characters go. In regards to Lottie and her family, they have finally moved into their new house and are adjusting. As much as Lottie complained about having to live with her mother again, she actually missed having her around!

This book is just as gripping and addicting a read as the previous ones in this series, if not more so. The case takes a personal turn when Lottie's girls go missing. We all know that Lottie doesn't stop at anything to solve a case, but now when her girls are involved, she's even more determined. The twists and turns keep this one interesting and Lottie doesn't know where to turn.

This series just gets better and better and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book. Of course, we also have to wonder what will ever end up happening between Lottie and that ever going to happen???

Books in this series:   
  1. The Missing Ones
  2. The Stolen Girls
  3. The Lost Child
  4. No Safe Place 
  5. Tell Nobody 
  6. Final Betrayal 


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  1. I haven't read this series, but it sounds good! Thanks for the heads up. :)


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