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Review: Spring Girls by Karen Katchur (audio)

Title: Spring Girls
Author: Karen Katchur
Series: Northampton County, #3
Narrator: Lauren Ezzo
Published: June 2020, Brilliance Audio
Length: 9 hours 45 minutes
Source: Publisher

She’s the only one who survived…and the only one who can help find the killer.Another spring, another dead girl pulled from a lake in the Appalachian foothills: the latest victim in a series of murders with few leads. But Detective Geena Brassard and her partner, Parker Reed, finally land a break when they receive a tip about a previously unknown survivor of the so-called Spring Strangler.

The survivor’s reluctant to help with the case for reasons that aren’t all clear. Even so, Geena uncovers a connective thread between the victims, and recently discovered DNA brings her closer to the killer’s identity. But Geena knows the survivor has the most to offer the investigation—if also the most to lose.

Geena is torn between securing the surviving victim’s help and protecting her from further danger. One thing is certain: Geena and Parker must find answers before the killer claims another life—or returns to finish off the one who got away.

My thoughts: This is the third book in Karen Katchur's Northampton County series and it's a series I am really enjoying. As much as I've liked the previous two books, I think this might be the best one so far!

This book pulls you in right from the start and keeps you engaged all the way through. It is told from multiple view points and I loved how all this comes together - it might not make sense at first, but that just made me more intrigued as to where it was all heading. 

I love Detective Geena Brassard and her quirky memory. It serves her well and her perseverance makes her such a great detective. When it comes out that her previous partner knew who the survivor was, she was unwilling to let it go. This doesn't sit well the some, but Geena knows this is the only way they will get to the bottom of the case.

I loved how we were pulled right into this case. I felt the frustrations that these detectives had as they worked the case, feeling like they were getting no where when the survivor wouldn't give them much to work with. The tension rises as things escalate and it keeps you flipping the pages until the conclusion.

I really enjoy this series and while each case is separate, I highly recommend reading the entire series. Each one utilizes nature and one particular season extremely well, the atmosphere clearly coming through very effectively. I think it is the perfect balance of police procedural and psychological suspense. I cannot wait to see what the next case brings!

Audio thoughts: I listened to this book and it was done so well! Lauren Ezzo, one of my favorite narrators, did a fantastic job with this audio book. She gave each character their own unique voice and personality and really made this book come alive. The pacing is spot on and she used just the right amount of tension and emotion in her voice as needed. Great audio!

Books in this series:
  1. River Bodies
  2. Cold Bones 
  3. Spring Girls



  1. I read this one too and found it a bit different to the normal missing/murdered victims stories.

  2. Nice review, thanks for sharing your thoughts


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