Friday, April 09, 2010

Review: Hot On Her Heels by Susan Mallery

First line: It had taken four months, calling in every favor ever owed, a case of expensive Scotch and a date with a slimy private investigator who had made the mistake of thinking "date" meant "sex".

From the back cover:  Dana Birch vowed never to put herself at the mercy of a powerful man. She became a deputy so that she could take care of herself, and protect those she loves. Especially her best friends, the Titan sisters.

Twenty years ago, Garth Duncan swore revenge on Jed Titan for abandoning Garth and his mother. Now he's back to fulfill that promise, even if Jed s daughters get caught in the crosshairs. All that stands between him and his goal is Dana, her gun, and a growing passion that can t be denied... 

My thoughts: This is the final book in the Lone Star Sisters series and while all the little plots were tied up, I am sad to be at the end of the series. I really enjoyed this series, and this last book was by far my favorite, simply due to the fact it told Dana's story. She's tough, determined, honest, loyal and nobody is going to mess with her friends and get away with it. She has her secrets which worked to shape who she is so it was nice to see her grow as a character and emerge a winner in the end. This series was well worth the read and I am anxious to see what Susan Mallery's next series brings.

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  1. Its always tough to come to the end of a series. I'll be adding these to my ever growing TBR List.


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