Saturday, April 03, 2010

Review: The Teaberry Strangler by Laura Childs

First line: A back-alley crawl had certainly sounded like a tantalizing idea to Theodosia when she'd first conceived it.

From the inside cover: It was the Dickensian evening Theodosia Browning had hoped for. Flickering candles lined the narrow cobblestone alleys of Charleston as shop owners, dressed in cloaks of yore, threw open their back doors to shoppers. Visitors took advantage of bargains on antiques, heaping bowls of crab chowder - and of course Theodosia's delicious teas.

But when the clock strikes ten, the alleys clear except for one body discovered by a horrified Theodosia. It's the strangled form of Daria, the map store owner. Many locals have shown interest in buying her shop - but enough to kill? Plus there's been a customer hell-bent on getting his hands on a certain not-for-sale map. In this case one can hardly throw a scone without hitting a suspect.

Most alarming of all the theories, however, is Detective Tidwell's: that the killer mistook Daria for Theodosia herself. And if that theory holds water, the killer's work isn't done...

My thoughts: This is the 11th in the Tea Shop Mysteries and I love this series...not so much for the plot as for the characters and setting. I love reading about all the different teas that Drayton, tea connoisseur, brews up and all the yummy recipes (or receipts as they are occasionally referred to in the book) Haley, baker extraordinaire, comes up with. I find myself wanting to make a cup of tea as I enjoy the book. The plot, on the other hand, sometimes leaves you feeling shortchanged. It seems that oftentimes, Theo doesn't really know who the guilty party is until she stumbles upon them at the end of the book because she is either in the wrong place at the wrong time or has been asking so many questions that the person comes looking for her.

My favorite part of this series is the list of recipes, tea time tips and new this time, the tea resources. I have found quite a few good recipes! Overall, quite an enjoyable book and I am looking forward to the next installment, Scones and Bones.


  1. This series sounds like something I might like. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  2. This sounds like such a cute series. I love the idea of it - and I guess I'll have to give it a shot.


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