Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: Blood Game by Iris Johansen

First line: The woman was fruitful.

From the inside cover: When a Georgia senator's daughter is found murdered, and her body drained of blood, Eve enters the world of a serial murderer - a twisted psychopath whose name is on Eve's shortlist of killers who might know something about her missing daughter, Bonnie.

But when Eve receives a terrifying calling card in the form of a single goblet of blood, she knows the taunting is over...and the games have begun. As Eve and the killer engage in a dance of death, Eve has no choice but to call upon those she loves and trusts the most - Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire - even if it means putting them in the path of someone whose bloodlust cannot be quenched.

Eve believes this psychotic mind holds the answers to the questions that have tormented her for years. And she'll do almost anything to get these answers. Like a spider hunting his prey, this killer will wait for the perfect moment to strike - the moment when Eve least expects it. And when she has the most to lose...

My thoughts:  Blood Game is another good thriller from the bestselling Eve Duncan series. I really like this series because I am for some reason fascinated with Eve Duncan's work as a forensic sculptor. Unfortunately, in this book, the forensic sculpting seems to take a bit of a back seat. While the story line still moved quickly and with the usual suspense, I was a bit disappointed in the extent of the paranormal stuff. Yes, there has always been a small bit of the paranormal - how else can you explain Eve seeing and carrying on conversations with her dead daughter, but it was easily explained by Eve's grief over losing her daughter and not being able to bring her "home." In this book, it seems to go overboard, especially for someone who is not particularly a fan of paranormal to begin with. That being said, I will read the next book (which is already out - need to reserve it from the library!) because I want to see how this all plays out - does Eve ever find Bonnie and her killer, does the paranormal go back to a minimal aspect in the storyline, do Eve and Joe ever resolve their issues to tie the knot?
(I borrowed this book from the library.)

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