Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggiesta Update #2

I am having so much fun participating in Bloggiesta! It's been so helpful and informative as I am still a relatively new blogger.
I didn't get much done yesterday, as I was busy with errands and cleaning and then had to work for a few hours. Today, I have been lucky to monopolize the computer all day - the World Cup USA vs. England game is on and hubby is a huge fan, so he is in front of the TV and doesn't need the computer for the time being!

Here's what I have accomplished so far on my to-do-list:
  • Write up a few reviews that I need to post/set up posts for upcoming reviews 
    • Wrote and posted review for Fools Rush In by Kristan Higgins
  • Prepare a few posts for rainy days 
  • Set up templates for weekly memes
  • Clean-up tags, category lists
  • Update my side bars and add an awards page
  • Update my reading challenges lists - Completed
  • Update reading logs - Completed
  • Revise my "About Me" page
  • Clean up my Google Reader subscriptions
  • Visit the Blogging Tips group on the Book Blogs Ning and find ways to improve my blog.
  • Participate in at least 2 mini-challenges - Completed
    • Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: It's Not Cheating at There's a Book
      • created a cheat sheet with html codes, will continue to add to this
    • Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Embracing Community as Bonjour, Cass
      • so far, I've visited 10 new blogs and will go back and visit some more
I have logged about 5 hours so far and will be back later to do some more.  I need to go take the puppy out for a walk. :-)  
Hope everyone is being as productive as I am!!!


  1. Nice job! Your tackling your list. I just finished updating my challenges page and it is such a relief to have that task completed. Here's to more productive hours!

  2. Glad its going well for you! There is nothing more satisfying than ticking things off a to do list

  3. I like your to-do list! All the best getting on with them. :)

  4. It looks like you are dong great on your list! You asked me about the template I used. I actually used a template in blogger in draft - Apparently they try out a lot of their new formats there first before they go live in regular blogger. It was super easy but if you have any other questions feel free to email me about it


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