Friday, September 03, 2010

James Patterson Reading Challenge II

The James Patterson Reading Challenge II

Timeline: 01 Sep 2010 - 31 Aug 2011

Level 1: Read 2 Patterson books
Level 2: Read 5 Patterson books
Level 3: Read 10+ Patterson books

  • Choose a level of participation above
  • You do not have to list out books ahead of time
  • Overlapping with other challenges is allowed
  • Any Patterson book is acceptable
  • Books read prior to September 1st are not allowed
  • Post on your blog if you're planning on participating
  • All book formats are acceptable
I love reading James Patterson's books and I think this challenge is going to be fun! I didn't do it last time, but am excited to be part of it this time around. I am going to choose level 3 - reading at least 10 books. I have read most of the Patterson books, but there are a few older books I didn't read yet and there are quite a few new ones coming out over the next year. 
Please check out Socrates' Book Review's blog for complete Challenge Details.

Here is my list along with links to the reviews:
1. The Postcard Killers (read Sept. 2010)
2. Don't Blink (read Oct. 2010)
3. Honeymoon (read Nov. 2010)
4. Cross Fire (read Nov. 2010)
5. The Beach House (read Jan 2011)
6. Tick Tock (read Jan 2011)
7. 10th Anniversary (read May 2011)
8. Now You See Her (read July 2011)
9. You've Been Warned (read July 2011)
10. Kill Me If You Can (read August 2011)

Check back here to see my progress - I'll be adding the books as I read them (but I know I will be starting with The Postcard Killers!).



  1. If you haven't tried any of his "Maximum Ride" YA books check them out, they were great. However, stay away from "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" a NS wannabe. His older Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club books were awesome and the best of all his books.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Lisa - I read the first of the Maximum Ride books and it wasn't quite my cup of tea. I have read all the Alex Cross books except Alex Cross's Trial (I think that's what its called), all the Women's Murder Club books and all the Michael Bennet books. There are a few stand alones I haven't read yet and then of course all the new ones to be released this year!

    Are you joining the challenge?

  3. Welcome to the challenge! Good luck!


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