Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Bedeviled Eggs by Laura Childs

First line: "He reads Mario Puzzo," Suzanne murmured, focusing on a couple that was eyeing each other warily.

From the back cover: After losing their husbands, Suzanne, Toni, and Petra bonded, gaining a newfound independence as well as a wealth of support, inspiration, home baked goods, and their own business. but who would have dreamed that when the Cackleberry Club cafe opened its doors, the three women would be serving justice to criminals...

Getting read for Halloween, the ladies at the Cackleberry Club cafe are busy carving jack-o'-lanterns, stocking up on candy, and baking pumpkin bread. But someone's jumped the gun on the tricks. As mayoral candidate Chuck Peebler leaves the cafe, he gets struck with a crossbow arrow and is killed instantly. When another murder occurs on the historical society's Quilt Trail, there's no disguising it - a murderer is running loose in the town of Kindred. Now Suzanne's on the beat to sniff out one bag egg...

My thoughts: This is the third in Laura Child's Cackleberry Club mystery series and it was a fun, quick read. I wish there is a place like the Cackleberry Club in my town or nearby - a cafe, book store and knitting store all in one - I would be in heaven! Owned by Suzanne and her two best friends, Toni and Petra, they seem to find themselves in the middle of murder investigations over and over again. This time, after successfully hosting a "read dating" event (think speed dating but matches based on the types of books one reads), a murder happens right in the Cackleberry Club's backyard. Then while trying to figure that one out, another murder happens that Suzanne and Petra come across while visiting the places on the Quilt Trail. Not one to idly sit around and do nothing while a murderer is on the loose, Suzanne starts looking into things, egged on by Sheriff Doogie's silent pleas for help. Despite a few death threats because of her snooping, Suzanne continues looking into things, all the while having her new "beau" Sam standing by her side to provide support. While the ending was a bit abrupt for my liking, I am eager to visit the Cackleberry Club again soon and find out what is new with the characters.  For now, I will have to pass the time until the next one comes out trying the delicious recipes found at the back of the book...yummmmm!!!

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book to review - I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!


  1. I bought a few of the Laura Childs books---they look really good :)

  2. I have to read this... I think I have it - thanks for a fun review :)


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