Thursday, May 05, 2011

Author Meet and Greet: Elizabeth Berg

The local mom-and-pop bookstore near me, Books and Greetings, has author visits all the time. I've been a few times - to see children's book author Jane O'Connor (she writes the Fancy Nancy books) and then Nicholas Sparks when he was touring with his latest book, Safe Haven

Last night Elizabeth Berg was there. I became familiar with Elizabeth Berg's work from my blogging friend Sheila over at Book Journey. Sheila has this online book club that I decided to join this year and the book they were reading was The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg. It was the first time I had heard of this author so I was excited to read the book. I loved it and have been looking forward to reading more by this fantastic author. 

I was excited when I found out that Elizabeth Berg was coming to Books and Greetings. I got there early last night, not sure what type of crowd to expect. I had already bought her newest book, Once Upon a Time, There Was You and couldn't wait to have her autograph it. I got a seat up front and waited eagerly for the event to begin. Elizabeth started out by talking about love and read some cute quotes by children about what they thought love was. Then she read the prologue to Once Upon a Time, There Was You - I love hearing authors read their own works! After that she proceeded to tell us a little about her and her writing. She answered some questions and then started signing the books. I ended up buying two more of her books while I was there - Home Safe and Dream When You're Feeling Blue - both of which Elizabeth signed for me in addition to the new book. While I was a little sad to see only a handful of people there, it made for a more intimate setting and gave Elizabeth time to talk with all us of there as she was signing our books. She asked that we not take any pictures, which is why I have none to share.

I am looking forward to attending more author events at this bookstore and will definitely be back in June when Lisa See making an appearance!


  1. So nice that you are able to attend author meet and greets at your local book store! Our LBS is so small and no one ever ventures this way! The only Berg book that I read was The Last Time I Saw You and I wasn't thrilled. Do you have any recommendations for giving her books another chance?

  2. @Bonnie So far the only book of hers that I read was The Last Time I Saw You. Her new one, Once Upon A Time, There Was You looks really good and I've heard great things about Home Safe.

  3. How exciting to meet this author! I'm a fan. I read Open House several years ago, and a couple of other works by Elizabeth Berg.

  4. What an awesome experience!!! Hope you enjoy your new books.

    Home Safe is sitting upon my bookshelf as of yet unread. After reading this post, I am looking forward with greater anticipation to reading it.

  5. Elizabeth Berg is one of my most favoritest authors ever! Lovely you got to meet her!

  6. Thanks everyone...I am looking forward to reading more of her books! She seems so down to earth - and really cares about her readers. It was a great event and I am so glad I was able to attend.

  7. I just read HOME SAFE! I absolutely LOVED it. I loved the banter between the mom and daughter. It reminded me of my family.

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  8. Hi!I'm here via Ann's Reading Corner. I left a very long comment a couple of hours ago...and my computer locked up and "poof" it was gone! SO, I'll just say this...I love E. Berg's older books...most all of the ones she wrote before she was an Oprah pick. Then I think she just churned out a few that weren't very good. Love your blog and I'm sure I'll stop by when I can!


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