Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Perfect Partners by Carly Phillips (e-book)

First line: "I've reached a decision."

Why I read this: This is one of Carly Phillips earlier works and when I saw that it was available for my Nook, I jumped on it.

Synopsis from Goodreads: No sooner had Chelsie Russell and Griffin Stuart lost their siblings in a car crash than they find themselves fighting for custody of their two year old niece. Griff wins only to discover Chelsie is the only one who can soothe the child's night terrors and fears.  Chelsie and Griff bond over the little girl and their growing sexual desire is mutual.  But is it enough? Chelsie's been hurt before and Griff isn't sure he can trust the woman who once tried to take his niece away.  What will it take for them to realize they are ... perfect partners?

My thoughts:  This was a fun, sexy story by Carly Phillips, who is always good for a hot, steamy read, and this one didn't disappoint. Attorneys Chelsie Russell and Griff Stuart need niece Alix in their lives. Chelsie is determined not to lose her dead sister's little girl, but she fears the emotional loss when her help is no longer needed. Griff is determined to be the parent Alix needs, but he soon find out he needs Chelsie, too. If only things were easy. Both Chelsie and Griff come from rough childhoods and backgrounds. Chelsie isn't close with her parents and she eventually pulled away from her sister. She was also married to a man who abused her and left her emotionally scarred and unable to have a baby. When Griff was 12 years old, his mother walked out on the family wanting more material things. His father was working full time and having a hard time adjusting to being a single father. In turn, Griff took over to help raise his younger brother. Griff's last girlfriend left him because she wanted the material things just like his mother had. Can these two figure out their differences and overcome their past to work towards a future? Carly Phillips uses just the right amount of romance and sexual tension to make this a great read.

(I purchased this e-book.)


  1. Carly Phillips is someone that I am just beginning to read :) Great review!

  2. @Felicia the Geeky Blogger I started reading Carly Phillips years ago when her book The Bachelor came out and it became a Kelly Ripa bookclub pick...since then I've read just about every book she's written.


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