Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FIR '11: Reading Question #1

FIR is hosted by Katrina at Callapidderdays.

Every Wednesday this fall, Katrina will be posting a question about reading.

Today's question: How much do book reviews influence your decision to acquire and/or read a book?

As I tend to read the most among my friends and family, I tend to rely on reviews from other bloggers as to whether I will read a book. Of course, there are certain authors that I pick up regardless of the reviews, just because I know I like their style and read just about everything they write. For new authors, I tend to see what everyone in the blogging world has to say before picking up a new book. 

I rarely, if ever, pay attention to professional reviews. I might look at those just to see what's hot, but often don't look any further than to see what they are reviewing.

What about you? How much are you influenced by others’ reviews when picking books?


  1. I totally agree with your answer, word for word. I get the magazine Book Marks, but basically it's just a tool to make sure I don't miss any books, not for their opinion.

  2. @Kate I've never heard of the magazine Book Marks - I am going to have to check that out. I always pick up the magazine Book Page from my library.

  3. I rely heavily on bloggers for my book recs. Like you, I never pay attention to professional reviews. They don't give me the kind of information I'm looking for. I hadn't heard of Book Marks either, but will be checking it out!

  4. I don't really rely on professional reviews either. Awards or appearances in Oprah's book club mean nothing to me - but if my favorite book bloggers loved the book, then I'll want to check it out for sure!

  5. I don't RELY on professional reviews, but I do like reading them to see what the 'pros' think. Bloggers definitely have a much stronger impression on me, since these people share the same love of books and reading as me.


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