Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FIR '11: Reading Question #8

FIR is hosted by Katrina at Callapidderdays.

Every Wednesday this fall, Katrina will be posting a question about reading.

This week's question:
Where do you love to read? Do you have a favorite chair, a favorite room, a favorite place…somewhere that inspires you to put everything else aside and pick up a book?
I have to  say that I can read just about anywhere...the car, at doctor's appointments, in the kitchen while waiting for water to boil...but I do have my absolute favorite places that I love to go to read.
  • Our front porch: One of my favorite aspects of our new house is the enclosed front porch. I was able to find comfy furniture to put out there and I love sitting there and reading. I am hoping that I will be able to read out there even in the winter - might have to invest in a space heater, but I do have quite a few throws out there to put on when it's chilly.
  • Our couch: The couch we have in the living room is super comfy and I love to sit there and read. We have an ottoman that I can put my feet on and I always have blankets around to wrap myself in if needed. Maddie, my chocolate lab, loves to sit with me all curled up while I read.
  • Outside: We belong to a boat club and while my husband goes out and races Sunday afternoons from May to October. I love nothing better than sitting on one of the rocking chairs on the porch. There is always a lovely breeze and the view overlooking the Hudson (and the racing) is spectacular!
  • My bed: I read before bed every's usually the only way I am able to turn off my mind so I can sleep. My husband, also an avid reader, will usually read before bed, too, but I am the one that can stay up late into the night reading, especially if it's a really good book!
 Those are my absolute favorite places to read...what about you? Where do you love to read?


  1. My favorite place to read is the Serenity deck on a Carnival cruise ship!! However, since that's not practical for every day, I settle for my recliner, with a neck pillow, and a couple other pillows propped around me, and my cat drapped over me somewhere.

  2. Each of your spots sounds grand (my apologies to Holden C. for using the word grand). We have a small couch that is perfect for reading, with the cats and dog nearby. It's so cozy and conducive to reading!

  3. I love reading in rocking chairs too! I also think one of the best places for reading is the bed. It's just so comfy!


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