Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Goals for Reading/Blogging/Life in General

I've seen a few other blogs put down their goals for this new year and I thought I would do the same. Part of the reason for doing this is that my life as I know it is about to change half way through the year - a change that I am eagerly awaiting...I am pregnant with my first child. Due to this, I realize that I might not have as much time to devote to just reading or even to my blog as I have for the past two years. I do not plan on giving up reading or blogging, but will probably not be taking on as many reviews this year (especially in the latter half of the year) and at times, my posts might be sporadic. 

Of course, reading will continue to be a major part of my life and I hope to instill my love of reading into my child's life as well. I foresee possibly incorporating reading to baby as either an extension of this blog or creating an entirely separate blog...still playing around with this and luckily I have time!

Reading Goals:
  • Reading Challenges - I really enjoy participating in these (posts will go up in the next few days of the challenges I am signing up for) and I have picked ones this year that I really want to do.
  • My bookshelves - I am going to concentrate on reading the books I already have. To this end, quite a few of the reading challenges I will be participating in lend themselves to this.
Blogging Goals:
  • Reviews - I am hoping to stay current with my reviews. I might change up the format of these - at times I feel writing reviews becomes a chore.
  • Commenting - I am hoping to be more diligent on responding to comments left on my blog as well as commenting on all the blogs I follow.
Personal Goals:
  • Exercise - I enjoy working out and this year it's even more important that I continue to make this a priority in my life as I progress through my pregnancy.
  • Organization - I really need to work on keeping my house, and subsequently my life, organized...with baby coming this June, I really want to make sure everything has a place and my life is as clutter-free as it can be.
I have really come to enjoy blogging and look forward to this upcoming year. It promises to be an exciting year and I hope you, my readers, continue to visit and share this journey with me.


  1. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  2. Kristin! I am so excited for you sweetie! Congratulations.. what amazing news to start the new year with! I found I actually got back into reading a lot when my second daugther was born (all that sitting time when nursing! I read the entire Twilight series in 6 weeks).

  3. Congratulations! 2012 will surely be an eventful year for you!

  4. Congratulations, Kristin, and Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you everyone...we are very excited!!!

  6. Congrats :-) And I hope you totally rock your goals for the New Year.

  7. Congratulations on the baby news hun :D x


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